Mayoiga 06

Do we finally get some answers in this episode, or just more questions? Is asking that just adding another question on top of things? Yes it is?

There were some seriously strange things happening this time around. That includes some seriously strange sense of direction, but I didn’t dislike it. We got just the right amount of backstory for everybody’s fears that were drawn upon in this episode. Where I could see this being a problem is that future episodes may play out in a similar fashion, scrolling through all of the remaining cast members. That would be a little tiresome.

So who’s past did we deal with this week. Lovepon grew up in a pretty unfortunate situation, and she held quite a grudge against her corrupt monk ‘benefactor’. So much so that I assume she executed him, despite not being directly shown that outcome. Why she thinks that everyone deserves to be executed is beyond me, but trauma can do that to people. It’s a similar case with the trauma that Mikage is experiencing, after having his coworkers laugh at him for his failures. Because it was so scarring that one time, he feels like everyone is conspiring against him, laughing behind his back. Lovepon seems to think everyone is worth executing.

The other two backstories differed quite a bit. Nyanta is rightfully afraid of bees after her experience with bullies. When she managed to get a shot of revenge off on her attackers with the sniper-pistol, I was genuinely happy for her! It was a pretty harmless (nobody got their eye shot out) way to retaliate, if also slightly misguided. Really came back to hurt her though, but gun nuts don’t give up on the thing that makes them happy that easily.

The other gun enthusiast, Jigoku, has quite a strange background. He had silicone implanted in his head to make himself tall enough to qualify for the military. Height requirements for a modern military are ridiculous in their own right, as long as the member can perform the same duties required of them. They’re just losing out on possible exceptional talent if that’s the deciding factor – which seemed to be the case with Jigoku. His fear manifested in a large physical representation reminded me too much of the brain bug from Starship Troopers though.

Some of the cast has come to realize that they’re all seeing different things, and Koharun’s creepy singing doesn’t really explain anything about that. What she does have is some kind of report about a girl named Masaki being reported missing prior to their trip. They didn’t say when, and very little is clarified. If she went missing years before, that would be important. If it was days before, and the village was right next door, how did she get on the bus at the beginning? All of the people in the cast ran away and should be reported missing – where did this article come from? It had to have been old enough, or better yet, laying around in one of those abandoned houses. Those are the only ways to support the ‘ghost’ theory. Too bad we didn’t get to see any of her and Mitsumune’s conclusion to the cliffhanger from last episode.

Where does it go from here? I seriously hope we don’t have to sit through an explanation for every character’s fears. We get it at this point, they’re seeing what they are most afraid of – if you just show us it manifested, we can reasonably assume there’s a good reason that they’re afraid of it. Clearly some main cast, like Mitsumune, might need an explanation, but keep it limited!

Mayoiga - 06 - Lion
Where is our Lion this time?

Episode Score

Extra thoughts:
– No likely dead count, as who knows anymore what the deal is.
– I liked the concept and pacing of the episode, but it might set a bad precedent.
– Cloudy does not approve of gun violence as an answer to bullying. Even airsoft.
– Dahara is in the ultimate friend-zone. Valkana has it locked down.
– Way to hang that cliff from last week in to next week too.
– Counted the number of times I exclaimed ‘what?’ this week. Nine.
– Can’t remember if Mitsumune’s fear of whatever that thing is was explained.
– Serious lack of Lion-chan in this episode.

Mayoiga - 06 - Nyanta Aims.gif

Next time: “When the Cat’s Away, the Mice Will Play Mischief”

Is that title a direct analysis of the plot of Lord of the Flies? Did you think I could get through an episode of this without making a reference to that novel?



4 thoughts on “Mayoiga 06

  1. YahariBento May 7, 2016 / 12:36 pm

    – I don’t understand why Jigoku can’t pass the exam. If he placed silicone, he would be sure he will pass and I didn’t see that soldier catch him because of his foul play? Or could it be he still is not tall enough?

    – Why did Koharun think Masaki right now is Masaki who is missing? “Masaki” might be codename, might not her real name.

    – What I still suspect is why in ep 1, Koharun is waiting for everyone “ALONE” at the checkpoint before go to village? I don’t think it makes sense she, the only girl, dares to waiting in somewhere she never come before. How did she travel until reach this checkpoint? Why did she not come with everyone and go to village by the same bus?

    – What I am worried is all the time, she has been suspecting this village is abnormal in some way but still didn’t warn everyone until they are facing unknown danger. If everyone was tortured more than this, she will be blamed because she didn’t warn to come to this abnormal village.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Cloudy May 7, 2016 / 4:38 pm

      I think the moral behind Jigoku was that it was just a painful and crazy thing to do, that he’ll have to live with now. Not sure if the military found out. And I would agree that Koharun is a suspicious character – a little too interested in some kind of ‘experiment’ over the well being of those she has involved in it.


  2. Anonymous May 9, 2016 / 7:24 am

    Lol Lion once again AFK in this episode.

    Liked by 1 person

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