Kiznaiver 05

It’s not a summer retreat to the mountains without a test of bravery.

This series has been presenting an odd mix of genres to a somewhat pleasing degree. It’s got slice-of-life, comedy, romance, action, and suspense – all in a pretty good mix. I still don’t really know what direction that might be giving it, but it’s a fun experience each week. The characters are also really growing on me. The little things really stand out, from Tenga attempting to be Chidori’s wing-man to Niko gaining some confidence in the bath. Niko was actually a rather interesting character in this episode – defending Katsuhira from Yoshiharu’s antics, and realizing even Tenga’s probable interest in Chidori.

As for the Kiznaiver system, we got to see it put to use thanks in part to Urashibara-sensei and Yamada-sensei‘s blatant disregard for the safety of their students and test subjects. She actually encourages the two bullies to try and kill Tenga if they really want to!

There was a lot of interesting romantic tension flying around in this episode. Like I said, Niko seemed quite aware of Tenga’s efforts to get Katsuhira to like Chidori, just as the rest of them obviously know she still likes her childhood friend. Did Niko seem a little jealous of Chidori? I would say yes. Now Yuta and Honoka’s scene was quite the sight. It was like a battle of ‘who am I really?’ with nobody actually winning out. She really took charge, but there’s no way that she doesn’t actually care what happens. Another (crazy) romance blooms!

And of course we have Katsuhira and Sonozaki meeting up in the evening, in what is the dream scenario of all high school crushes. But they don’t seem to have much of anything going for each other at this point – he just wants her to have friends, and she slaps a mosquito off his face. How kind! Chidori gets the best of dramatic misunderstanding viewing angles though, and the real story kicks in.

Just feeling each other’s physical pain seemed like too simple a concept for this show to go anywhere meaningful. I’m so glad to see the emotional pain being transferred as well – and it was such a powerful moment when Katsuhira clutched his chest as Chidori ran off. Although it does resolve with the most awkward of confessions of jealousy, everyone understands the feelings they shared a little bit better. So much so even that Katsuhira and Chidori jump way ahead on the path to relationship. It’s still early though, and I’m sure we’ll see a challenge eventually. I can definitely see some kind of love-tetrahedron forming here.

What kind of test of bravery involves Gomorin with chainsaws!? Niko had by far the best reactions to that situation. It did offer us a little action, but these people aren’t fighters. Tenga is the closest to anyone even being really capable of fighting. But they each kind of stepped up in their own way. As for the fate of the bullies? They’re out a lot of money, and probably relegated to forever working for the Kizuna group through brainwashed Gomorin employment.

Episode Score

More thoughts:
– Just going to use first names, I guess. Except for Yuta?
– Don’t ever call a girl heavy, no matter the meaning.
– It’s fan service time! Can’t have a summer retreat without a bath scene. Girls only.
– If there was a guy’s bath scene, I expect it to be equally as showy. (eg Re:Zero)
– Those are very lively pajamas.
– Gomorin is truly a messed up concept.
– This episode made me super feel for Chidori.

Kiznaiver - 05 - Endless Gomorin.gif

Next time: “Nothing Good Comes From Being Around All Of You”

Kiznaiver - 05 - Next Time.jpg


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