Dragon Ball Super 41

It’s an end of a saga. A rather short one at that! Did you guess what Beerus was going to wish for?

That may have been the shortest main canon story in Dragon Ball history, but we’re living in different times. Even after only 12 or so episodes, the plot started to drag on me when the consequences felt so low and everything was so comical. The tournament didn’t have the greatest of stakes – even Earth moved to the seventh universe, completely parallel, would have been perfectly OK. Champa may have been eating at your local sushi restaurant some day, but Beerus is pretty much the same deal.

Good thing the King of Everything exists to keep everyone in check. Finally, someone to hold of the gods of destruction’s heads. Bulma whips that card out the first moment Beerus even has the option to be slightly out of line. How would she contact him anyway!? It was fun having Whis and Vados rat out their ‘masters’ for their lack of work ethic. Either way, he was an entertaining character. A caricature of all-powerful and dangerous, but merely a cute child-like thing to us mere humans (or saiyans). Just a side note, if we’re ever met by aliens, they’re much more likely to be sentient gas clouds or robots sent by sentient gas clouds than a cute little king. I wonder how strong he really is?

This King of Everything really blows the scale out of proportion to a degree. Beerus and Champa are pretty much equal to Goku at this point – I was almost hoping the King would appoint Goku and Vegeta to their positions! That may have been an odd turn for the story though, but definitely unexpected. As for the King’s plan to hold a tournament involving the entire spectrum of universes? It’s showing all their cards too early. Where can you go from there? And worst of all, it’s the same inconsequential plot that we just sat through for three months. There needs to be an actual bad guy, with actual threat, and actual consequence! Please!

I guessed Beerus would wish for a strawberry sunday or something lame, and Bulma would get mad at him. I wasn’t too far off. But what was with that dragon summoning!? One, it a planet (looked like Saturn for some reason), and two, it enveloped the entire universe with blinding light. If standard physics is considered here (which it shouldn’t be), there will be a point on every planet in the future, at wildly different times, where the sky turns unbearably bright and a giant god dragon appears for a few minutes and disappears. Oh that explains a lot actually.

The fact that Beerus wished for a new Earth for Champa was so sweet, totally unexpected, and super cheeky. He wouldn’t admit it to the others, but it was the perfect solution to the whole dilemma. Also another reason why this arc had no consequence. But if anything, it was the part of the episode, and the whole arc, that I liked the most.

Looks like next week won’t be the start of a new arc, but a little downtime instead. I so, so hope it doesn’t just go in to another tournament. One of the major problems is that an enemy has to now by threatening on a pan-universal existential level, rather than just to our heroes and their home, Earth. Quite the task ahead for the show’s staff.

Dragon Ball Super - 041 - Dragon.gif
We didn’t need Saturn anyway.

Episode Score
6.6/10 – Cloudy
5.2/10 – J-san

Extra thoughts:
– I, Cloudy, gave this a higher score because it’s finally over.
– The future is not overly promising though.
– I’m surprised Goku didn’t punch the King of Everything in the face, just to check.
– The trope of Goku interacting with a being far superior to him in power and status is a little old hat at this point.
– How about that stellar animation on the dragon summon… ouch.

Next time: “A Messy Victory Party! Showdown, At Last!? Monaka vs. Son Goku!”


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