Spring 2016 Weekly Reactions 04

Spring keeps on dashing along, through maids, furries, tsunderes, and lots more. Check out the extras this week for some old show catch-ups!

Dragon Ball Super - 040 - Stick the landing

Let’s jump right in!

April 25, 2016

Dragon Ball Super 40 – It’s the (almost) final episode of this arc! Considering that next week will probably kick off some new dilemma or meander around for a bit. But in the meantime, the epic fight between Hit and Goku comes to a dramatic close! Well maybe not so dramatic as it was anti-climactic. Everything we expected to happen, happened. Where does it go from here? With the King of Everything revealed, there can’t be much further up the power chain than that. The dragon is being summoned next episode too. Wasn’t this franchise once about collecting dragon balls? Not so important anymore I guess.
Episode Score: 6.8/10 (Cloudy), 6.0/10 (J-san)

Re:Zero 04 – This episode added twin maids with sharp wit and a super-tsundere loli. It was a mostly slice-of-life affair as Subaru got used to the rich/butler life, with plenty of comical moments. The set up for “I don’t know this ceiling”, and then the obvious second encounter was great, as well as his comments on Emilia’s outfit. There was a little bit of world building as well. We find out that Emilia is a candidate to be the next ruler of her kingdom, and that the lord of the house (relation to Emilia?) is supporting her and a great magician. He has an awfully strange relationship with his maids, now doesn’t he? Subaru picks the worst rewards sometimes. Clearly a little daft, but the big reveal was that Subaru reset again, but to a different spot! There will need to be some explanation for this, because he obviously went to sleep and the day repeated, but his first day did not. How does he get from one day to the next, and how will he ask Emilia on that date again!
Episode Score: 8.0/10

April 29, 2016

Mayoiga 05 – Paranoia takes full control of the cast this week. We might not have seen a comically huge Mitsumune, but something strange is definitely going down in Nanakimura. Hyouketsu no Judgeness and Yottsun seem to be the only (unconfirmed) deaths so far. Beyond that, everybody is afraid of something, and their fears seem to be manifesting themselves in the forest. The plot sways closer yet to Lost. Is the supernatural finally poking through on this show? I feel like no episode truly ever answers that despite the cliffhanger teases. Kind of a redeeming quality of the series, over all of its other short-comings.
Episode Score: 7.6/10

April 30, 2016

Kiznaiver 04 – Whatever that was off the top aside, it was fun seeing some of the characters reactions to the newcomer, Yoshiharu. Honoka and Tsuguhito’s conversation was also amazing to witness. It’s hard to say how honest she actually is, but damn do her words hurt!  Katsuhira can’t seem to stop thinking about Sonozaki, much to Chidori’s lament. He has a bit of a point though, why would she be so involved with this system and not want to be connected? Probably because it hurts a lot, but also because of her character. At least Chidori has other options available to her. It looks like the Kiznaivers are going to have a lot to deal with over the summer, but not without a little training first – and the threat of murder!
Episode Score: 8.1/10

Flying Witch 04 – It’s cherry blossom festival time! Chinatsu and Makoto are getting along so well it’s almost too warm and fuzzy. Chinatsu is also great at messing with strangers. No fear anymore! Makoto does get to practice her witchy prowess again this episode, for a good cause! We all knew as soon as she started to concoct a recipe that it was doomed to fail, or appropriately do the exact opposite as intended. The comedy was still spot on in its delivery this episode. Chinatsu is so adorable, Makoto can’t succeed, the rest of the family isn’t phased, and that mouse (I mean hamster) couldn’t catch a break with the cats. It just keeps me smiling for different reasons at all times, and I doubt that’s going to change going forward. It seems like there will be just the conflict of the week, or complete slice-of-life segment, that defines each episode – but that’s OK!
Episode Score: 9.2/10


Below you can find some quick looks at some other shows we’ve been watching this week that don’t fall in to the current season’s offerings. Binge watching and catch-ups are great fun when there’s such a huge catalogue of shows to choose from!

Aldnoah Zero Season 2 First Impressions – The continuation of this totally not a Gundam series pulls on a lot of the tropes you would expect it to. I could almost swear I was watching a retelling of Seed Destiny – and if you had to take from any Gundam, why that one? The animation and imagery is amazing, we’ll get that out of the way. As for the plot, they managed to take the ending to Hamlet and having everyone alive again anyway. Inaho has gone full wonky-physics pro Kira Yamato on us (don’t even get me started on that Vers Kataphrakt’s ability) and Slaine is now the Shinn Asuka of this story.  Does he really think he’s doing the right thing in the princess’ name? If it’s a double-triple-quintuple fake-out, it’s not coming across. The side characters could have stepped up after the ‘deaths’ of all the important people, but now they’re just relegated to buttshots and being shown up in battle. Looking forward to this one!
Episode Score: 6.5/10  Expectations: Pretty low, but great visuals!

Naruto: Shippuuden 152-168  – That’s right, Cloudy is back on the Naruto train. Only got 300+ episodes to catch up on! Good thing a lot of fillers can be skipped, and I’m following a guide to make sure I know what’s what. It’s not that I put Naruto on hold because it wasn’t fun or interesting, it just isn’t fun or interesting to wait half a year for the story to come back – and if I catch up, I might cover new episodes. Binge watching, commence! These episodes dealt with Naruto learning ‘sage mode’ and the attack on the Hidden Leaf – which ends up completely nuked (or the shinobi equivalent). It’s obvious why anyone still watches this show. It’s to see Naruto go Super Saiyan. When do we get some more nine-tails action? Oh right now? Hellz yeah.
Episode(s) Score: Uhhh, Naruto-binge/10?

Re Zero - 04 - Rem and Ram.gif
Nine-tails? Nope. Beware the twin maids. More powerful than even the twin-tails.

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