Mayoiga 05

Paranoia takes full control of the cast this week. We might not have seen a comically huge Mitsumune, but something strange is definitely going down in Nanakimura.

Another week, another unconfirmed demise. Hyouketsu no Judgeness, despite quite a few people forgetting a name so hilariously unique, just up and vanished in the haste to return to the village. Did Jack get him? In fact, who let Jack out? Why did the people who wanted to leave not go through the clearly exit tunnel on the word of hearing about a giant Mitsumune? There are a lot of questions.

The cast of this show is so impressively paranoid that most questions don’t even need answered. They already know in their heads what the deal is, no matter how crazy it might sound when said out loud. Lovepon is still trying to straight up murder people, admitted to it, and now wants to remove finger nails as torture. How have they not tied her up yet!? People witnessed her trying to drown Mitsumune. But of course, the truly insane are never alone, as they can always coax followers and partial believers. Mikage (picture for reference, because names) can’t be bothered to trust anyone, and then asks people to follow him. Dude, that’s just saying that you can’t be bothered to trust anyone unless you’re giving the orders. But looking at those that did join him – the gun nuts and Lovepon – crazy travels in packs.

There was an extremely interesting moment in this episode that caught my attention – and it might even be an important foreshadowing, considering the ending. Mikage rather sanely points out that everybody has reported seeing different things and exclaims, ‘we don’t even know what we’re afraid of‘. Oh, I think they do. And everybody is afraid of something a little different in this – the things that they are seeing in the forest. The Driver clearly is affected by his daughter’s death, Mikage heard laughter, the cat-girl heard bird noises, a lot of people are just assuming it’s a bear because that’s scary, and Maimai saw a giant version of her biggest fear, the guy she totally has a crush on but won’t admit. This is further solidified by the ending, in which Mitsumune sees a giant ‘Tokimune’. I don’t exactly remember his deal with that thing, but I feel like he didn’t enjoy it.

As for the best character going, Lion-chan, she was a little strange. I’m not sure how faked her issue with Mitsumune was in the room, as she seemed kind of adamant he disappeared for a moment. It was an odd way to calm down the crowd, by riling them back up at another target. She seems a little too calculated for that. What she does seem sure of is that she sees people who are going to die. Don’t worry, Lion-chan, that’s everyone in the cast at this point!

This week was possibly the reveal of there actually being some kind of supernatural aspect to this story. It’s getting harder to explain away with science or experiments, but that option still exists. Would it be a good option? I think it would be better than this village being purgatory or some after-life as *spoiler alert* Lost was. That ending sucked.

The likely dead:

  • Yottsun
  • Hyouketsu no Judgeness
Mayoiga - 05 - Lion-chan
Lion-chan only sees people who will die (eg. everybody)

Episode Score

More thoughts:
– That one girl, Nettaiya, only exists for sexual innuendo. “Size isn’t everything.”
– How have they not restrained the murderous psychopath that is Lovepon?
– Lion-chan, you’re failing us this week. Still super cute though.
– If I ever get trapped with a group of people like this, I’ll have to ask how many people have read Lord of the Flies, and if someone hasn’t, they’re the first to get tied up and forcibly lectured on its morals.

Next time: “The Monk’s Immorality”


4 thoughts on “Mayoiga 05

  1. Anonymous April 30, 2016 / 4:33 am

    Glad to see more Lion this episode but some of her actions did indeed seem uncharacteristic of her.


    • Cloudy April 30, 2016 / 4:28 pm

      It would be an understatement to say that something weird must be going on there. Or for that matter, everywhere in this series.


      • Anonymous May 1, 2016 / 4:29 am

        Yep, just hope that things are explained later on or at least Lion’s character is not ruined.

        Liked by 1 person

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