Kiznaiver 04

It looks like the Kiznaivers are going to have a lot to deal with over the summer, but not without a little training first! Will the battle for love, weirdness, or ego take center stage? Not to mention the possibility of real battles!

Whatever that was off the top aside, it was fun seeing some of the characters reactions to the newcomer, Yoshiharu. He attempts to explain away the total masochist nature of his actions, but fails miserably. And Honoka definitely has a point that they’re probably doomed with him around. He could cause so many problems, if not death for the whole team! Yoshiharu is also quite the polarizing character when it comes to his blunt honesty. The rest of the cast seem so taken aback when he just blurts out whatever he wants to say. Poor Chidori, she’s not jealous, no way! Just a natural osananajimi. Niko also can’t help but try to out-weird him, in an odd cry for attention. She just wants everybody to be friends though, and kind of gets her way.

Honoka and Tsuguhito’s conversation was also amazing to witness. It’s hard to say how honest she actually is, but damn do her words hurt! Totally horrible personality comes with a side of sick burns. She might be attractive and have big boobs, but Tsuguhito’s were bigger in grade-school! Get some ice for that one, he’ll need it.

Katsuhira can’t seem to stop thinking about Sonozaki, much to Chidori’s lament. He has a bit of a point though, why would she be so involved with this system and not want to be connected? Probably because it hurts a lot, but also because of her character. She’s been built as the cold loner with high ideals. It seems all too obvious that her and Katsuhira are going to hit it off down the road (and Chidori will go a different path). Nothing seems to be stopping Sonozaki from rolling out the crazy group challenges like an angsty teenage Jeff Probst.

It seems there might be a little bit of inconsistency in this Kizuna committee that runs the city from the shadows. More importantly, there’s an explanation for all the Gomorin!! I’m so glad it was explained in a rather relevant and comical way. They seem to do everything, after all. As for that inconsistency, we see Urashibara-sensei (the school councilor) kidnap some kids that want to murder Tenga, attach them together via the Kizuna system, and haul them off towards our main cast. If there is an enemy in this series, it’s probably from within the system itself.

So what will come of this training camp in the mountains? None of these kids seem to have any real experience with fighting, and the concept is kind of contrary to the goal of the system in the first place. It is definitely set up well to spread out pain and damage, but not exactly peaceful. Plus, there will always be those ready to game a system and use it for different purposes.

Episode Score

Extra thoughts:
– Niko, don’t fight him over that title!
– “There’s nothing more expensive than something free.”
– It was flashier than I expected too.
– Chidori is going to be the master of cute summer outfits.
– There’s some tough competition though.
– Tenga and Chidori are raising the love flags!

Kiznaiver 04 - Gomorin Works.gif
This week in Gomorin: A real civil servant.

Next time: “Wahoo, It’s a Training Camp! Let’s Step In Deer Poo and Have Pillow Fights! Go, Go!”


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