Flying Witch 04

Another stranger appears and the comedy doesn’t miss a beat! I hope Makoto didn’t have to pass any tests to get to this point in her witch career.

It’s cherry blossom festival time! Chinatsu and Makoto are getting along so well it’s almost too warm and fuzzy. They’re so perfect as the little/big sister roles (sometimes interchangeable). It was also quite entertaining to see them messing with the guy for once when it came to a haunted attraction. Just another example of this show hitting every beat it can with such perfection.

Chinatsu has also been through a few odd introductions to strangers as of late that she doesn’t even seem to mind screwing with them now. The fortune teller, Inukai, looked so caught off-guard when that bear appeared in front of her, about as much as I was! Some of the fun in these scenes also comes from Kei and his rather matter-of-fact reactions to Chinatsu and Makoto’s actions.

For a moment, Inukai seemed like a dangerous person. But on this show? No way. It was just a misunderstanding. The kind of stalker/scammer route she was taking initially was quite entertaining. Turns out Makoto’s sister is just as overzealous as we expected, and is responsible (in a way) for Inukai’s appearance. Super furry alert! But Chinatsu thinks she’s cute.

Makoto does get to practice her witchy prowess again this episode, for a good cause! We all knew as soon as she started to concoct a recipe that it was doomed to fail, or appropriately do the exact opposite as intended. It’s that classic trope of the main character being secretly really good, but only at what they’re not trying to accomplish. Turning Inukai fully in to the dog/fox was pretty impressive, despite being the wrong outcome. Good thing Akane felt like dropping by to check in on her fortune telling friend – and it was even kind of cleared up that Akane had been trying to find a cure the whole year since! Nobody can do wrong in this series.

The comedy was still spot on in its delivery this episode. Chinatsu is so adorable, Makoto can’t succeed, the rest of the family isn’t phased, and that mouse (I mean hamster) couldn’t catch a break with the cats. It just keeps me smiling for different reasons at all times, and I doubt that’s going to change going forward. It seems like there will be just the conflict of the week, or complete slice-of-life segment, that defines each episode – but that’s OK!

Episode Score

Extra thoughts:
– They look like a happy family.
– There are so many cute animals, and Chinatsu loves them all!
– Stranger danger is everywhere in the witching world.
So witchy. So witchy indeed.
– Don’t you dare eat that hamster, Chito.
Not you too, Kenny!
– A little more drama this time around.
– Was furry Kei’s type, or human Inukai?

Flying Witch - 04 - Goodbye Al.gif
See ya ’round, Al!

End Card:

Flying Witch - 04 - End Card


3 thoughts on “Flying Witch 04

  1. YahariBento May 2, 2016 / 1:38 pm

    I like this new character, Inukai. She gave a lot of seasoning to this anime.

    And in the end of this episode, it ends with her true face so I agree with Chinatsu’s brother, she’s beauty. ;9

    ps. I hope she will appear in Flying Witch Petit too! Kenny and that white mice as well. If they appear, I might add them to my Flying Witch Petit post.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. soli18 May 6, 2016 / 6:29 am

    Didn’t have alot of free time this week but finally got some time to watch this episode and well it was definitely worth it. Inukai is so cute and funny =p.

    Liked by 1 person

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