Dragon Ball Super 40

This episode of Dragon Ball Super  can be defined by one amazing line. “That’s my pee-pee”. It could just stop right there, and all would be right in the world.

It’s the (almost) final episode of this arc! Considering that next week will probably kick off some new dilemma or meander around for a bit. But in the meantime, the epic fight between Hit and Goku comes to a dramatic close! Well maybe not so dramatic as it was anti-climactic. They really just agreed the whole deal wasn’t worth it. Pretty easy for Goku to run with that, considering the outcome was totally in favor of the seventh universe. Also, pretty sly of Goku to trick the gods of destruction in to going along with the situation after a misdirect of rule-breaking proportions. That, or Goku is just a super lucky idiot as per usual. Did he actually think Monaka was going to compete?

All of the stalling and posturing was tiresome as usual. I’m pretty sure Goku said last episode that his super saiyan blue would only last for a bit longer, and then he stood around for so long. It’s all because he wanted to fight Hit for real, right? How many times is this franchise going to pull that one out of Goku’s butt to solve a problem with the plot, I wonder.

Nipples- I mean, Monaka finally got his turn. Will we ever know if he held great power in those oddly over-sized nipples? It’s pretty clear he did not, but here’s hoping for the future. Interesting that Hit gave in to follow Goku, despite probably knowing how Champa would react. Why did he no longer want the cube that could grant him unimaginable control and power? Seemed like he was really in to that thing just a few episodes ago.

I can’t even remember what Beerus gets for his team winning this tournament (other than the eponymous dragon balls), but Earth gets to remain in the seventh universe. It was also quite expected that Champa would want to kill his entire team for losing – not sure Beerus wouldn’t have done the same as well. But they’re both old news now, somehow. The King of Everything has appeared in the ring, and you can bet that Goku wants to fight him.

I even predicted last week that more powerful super beings in charge of stuff above the gods of destruction would appear. Didn’t expect them to go to straight up God. Oh, except Dragon Ball has been doing that since Kami, 30 years ago. What god will be appearing 30 years from now, I wonder? King of all dimensions and planes of existence know to exist anywhere, until something else is revealed! Can’t wait.

J-san’s thoughts:

Champa hit his leg on a table and was incapacitated. He’s a god. A god.

It was cool that they bumped fists like real boxers ready to start again.

Episode Score
6.8 /10: Cloudy
6.0 /10: J-san

Extra thoughts:
– Saw this outcome a hundred miles away.
– Monaka is totally secret full of special nipple powers.
– So what’s the deal with Whis and Vados? We better find out.
– The king of the galaxy doesn’t even hide his pee-pee.
– Goku wiped his hands on his pants after realizing what had happened.

Dragon Ball Super - 040 - Stick the landing
The best definition of this show.

Next time: “Come Forth, God of Dragons, and Grant My Wish, Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!”

I feel some Yu-Gi-Oh! here


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