Spring 2016 Weekly Reactions 03

This week had a lot of twists and reveals, plus more characters in almost every show! Well, except Mayoiga. That would be a surprise if more characters showed up without at least killing off a few first.

Dragon Ball Super - 039 - Kaio-ken SSB

Clearly the only lead in we need this week is some Goku power.

April 17, 2016

Dragon Ball Super 39 – Well it wasn’t exactly a new color, and it wasn’t extra large nipples – although! Hear me out. Kaio-ken added red, and it makes all of their body, including possibly the nipples, slightly larger. When the title theme started playing, it was one of those cool “yeah anime!” moments that you see every now and again, and they blew the whole arc’s remaining budget on that final few minutes (which couldn’t have been much). Good fight for the most part.
Episode Score: 7.9/10 (Cloudy), 7.1/10 (J-san)

Re:Zero 03 – Damn they really blew the crap out of Old Man Rom’s house. Talk about discretion problems. Great action sequences in this episode, and a little super saiyan blue as well. I can maybe understand how the two rather magical characters, Emilia and Reinhardt, are rather overpowered (total understatement), but how in the hell did Subaru even stand up to that bowel hunter? He deflected dozens of hits by that crazy super powered woman and she got one good slice in. He was like Rey discovering her force powers. I’m glad he didn’t die and reset though – because at some point in the way this story is being told, it’s a wasted amount of plot development that has to be retread or discarded. Did Reinhardt just Kylo Ren that girl to sleep?
Episode Score: 8/10

April 22, 2016

Mayoiga 04 – There are some strange things happening in this show – and we’ve been teased with so much possibility of death and nothing has come of it! Mitsumune may also be in the running for worst main character this season. There are many reasons. At least Lion is in the running for best side character (who better NOT die). I understand ghosts… but giant versions of people who are still alive? I need to see where this goes.
Episode Score: 7.0/10

April 23, 2016

Kiznaiver 03 – Tenga had the most hilariously dumb method for searching out the final member – just blurting it out all over the place. I would assume that would be a bad idea. What surprised me the most was that Niko had the smartest method. She was gently punching Katsuhira in the back of the head (so cute) to see if anyone in the class was reacting to it. So who is this Hisomi Yoshiharu? Oh. He’s a total masochist. Well this should be an interesting turn of events.
Episode Score: 8.0/10

Flying Witch 03 – Another kitty! Everything about setting up the farm and chasing the pheasant was just wonderful slice-of-life. It’s just nice to see the characters interacting so naturally. Especially Chinatsu and Chito-san! I’m sure that cat is going to talk one of these episodes. Chinatsu is coming to terms with weirdos showing up at their house more often – and the reactions are priceless. Turns out this weirdo is Makoto’s sister – here to check up on her. Their family has good genes, that’s for sure. The simple spell Makoto gets to learn is a trick for summoning a crow – a little less relevant in the age of smartphones, and apparently teleportation, but still entertaining.
Episode Score: 8.9/10


Dagashi Kashi (END) – I finally finished off Dagashi Kashi. It was a fun little thing to experience, and the extreme product placement was interesting for someone not so up on all of those things. But the real question is, which team won? We all know that I, Cloudy, am all for Team Saya – but the ending may have swayed me a little. And by that, I mean I’m now Team SayaXHotaru. Best ship by far. Coconuts is probably doomed to run his cute little shop for eternity and make little coffee/dagashi babies with Saya – but we also kind of assumed that from the beginning.
Series Score: 7.2/10
MAL Score: 7/10

Dagashi Kashi - HotaruxSaya.gif



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