Kiznaiver 03

The seventh sin has arrived, and it’s a fun one. Seems like the gang is starting to understand each other a little more, and using their ability to some kind of advantage whenever possible.

Seems they’ve all accepted their situation pretty conveniently. It’s also pretty useful that each person has a number to identify the source of pain. These people are only newly close in most cases, and seeing from the situation that they had to go around asking each other who got hurt, you really want to know the source right away. It was also quite entertaining having Tenga hanging around with Katsuhira. They are obvious opposites, and their interactions might some of the best we’ll see. As for Tenga jumping from one balcony to another? I would probably resign myself to a fate of eternal pain from these idiots.

That’s awesome! Childhood friends living next door to each other! Your parents are away on a business trip! How classic. What an amusing situation!

I’m glad this show is hitting the osananajimi love story right on the head. Chidori isn’t afraid to talk about it, despite it being clearly in the past tense, guys! Ya right. Katsuhira knows what’s going on, and it’s probably not a confidence thing. He seems to be straight up shy and unemotional in general. Good thing opposites attract!

Sonozaki is the worst. “Hey, your final mission is to survive the summer. Oh but there are going to be a bunch of other missions too. Ones that start without me really even telling you, and things that only happen because I say so.” I think that’s about what she said, right? I think it would be a lot more convincing, to us and the Kiznaivers, if she were part of the gang as well. Better search for that seventh then.

Tenga had the most hilariously dumb method for searching out the final member – just blurting it out all over the place. I would assume that would be a bad idea. What surprised me the most was that Niko had the smartest method. She was gently punching Katsuhira in the back of the head (so cute) to see if anyone in the class was reacting to it.

And of course the seventh is the only person who never comes to school. Who else could it be? It’s the “needs to be included” stereotype that fits this plot perfectly. But stop running, we’re your friends! At least by association. Wait. He’s a total masochist. Well this should be an interesting turn of events.

Episode Score
8.0 / 10

Extra thoughts:
– Best use of particle effects I have ever seen.
– Bunch of people just watching these high school kids lives.
– This week, Gomorin drives!

Kiznaiver - 03 - Niko Punch.gif

Next time: “Now that we’re all connected, let’s get to know each other better, ‘kay?”


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