Flying Witch 03

It’s time to plant some vegetables and learn some magic! But watch out, a silver-haired typhoon is blowing through town.

We get a few new characters this week. First up, Makoto’s uncle (Chinatsu/Kei’s dad). He seems like quite a good dad, and an fun character to balance out the the stereotyped logical mom and wacky dad duo. It’s even better that with his accent Makoto has no clue what he’s saying, and Chinatsu has to translate.

Everything about setting up the farm and chasing the pheasant was just wonderful slice-of-life. It’s just nice to see the characters interacting so naturally. Especially Chinatsu and Chito-san! I’m sure that cat is going to talk one of these episodes. As for the pheasant antics, everybody got in on it. It was really fun having Makoto judge Chito and her uncle yet still not realize she was doing the same thing. She’s just the right balance of airheaded and intuitive.

Chinatsu is coming to terms with weirdos showing up at their house more often – and the reactions are priceless. This one brought another kitty though! Two magical cats is just a recipe for success. Turns out this weirdo is Makoto’s sister – here to check up on her. Their family has good genes, that’s for sure. I enjoy that she denied being an important witch then immediately just went with it, like she couldn’t stand modesty. Honesty is good! You go girl.

It’s pretty impressive how passive Kei is with all that has been going on in his house recently. He’s just going along for the ride it seems. Doing his own thing. Chinatsu on the other hand wants to see it all. If they’re going to be practicing magic, she wants a part of it (because she’s totally a witch too, 110%). This simple spell is a trick for summoning a crow – a little less relevant in the age of smartphones, and apparently teleportation, but still entertaining. It was destined that Makoto would screw it up somehow – but it wasn’t even really her fault!

We seem to be getting mostly character of the week kind of stories so far. There are definitely a lot to go through considering how many we see in the OP, but I hope it branches out a little from that formula. Akane leaves at the end of this episode, back to Africa, but she says she’ll be back to play again soon! I sure hope so – her cat Kenny is super cute!

Episode Score
8.9 / 10

Extra thoughts:
– A show where the main characters’ parents/family aren’t absent.
– Makoto’s sister is kind of a big deal.
– Watch out… it’s the BIRDS!
– Show me a spell to summon more cats.

Flying Witch - 03 - Chito and Kenny


6 thoughts on “Flying Witch 03

  1. YahariBento April 24, 2016 / 5:46 pm

    Yeah, they should have magic for summoning (cute) cats. I agree with you totally that Kenny is so cute.

    I hope Kenny and Makoto’s sister will appear in Flying Witch Petit in next episode. :3

    Liked by 1 person

      • soli18 April 25, 2016 / 3:39 pm

        You should bro just skip dem fillers.


      • Cloudy April 25, 2016 / 3:42 pm

        Oh I will. There are a bunch of handy sites for sorting out what’s necessary!

        Liked by 1 person

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