Mayoiga 04

What is going on in this village? The cast seems to have the right to be creeped out, but we still don’t know why! Just another day on the Lost island, huh?

Seriously, what the hell is happening in this show? I’ll get to the ending revelations a little later, but there’s a lot to unpack first. The search for Yottsun didn’t go so well, not really confirming his death in any way. Seems like the show is just going to tease us for a while longer on the (must be) eventual deaths. From the looks of it last week, he was pretty dead. Just who, or what, has his body now?

It’s understandable that a number of people would want to leave, after the incidents they have faced so far. But I also find myself on the side of those who are wary of involving the police. There were some questionable things done in this village by these people already, and most of them are missing persons or possibly criminals. There would be a lot of explaining to do, unless it was all set up by the government in the first place.

Mitsumune might be in the running for worst main character this season, on several levels. I’m definitely not defending Hayato and his total control over Mitsumune – I’m glad that he stood up for himself and did his own thing. It may have even saved his life. Maimai chewing Hayato out for his actions was also kind of wonderful. But none of this discounts the fact that he has a single track mind aiming right at Masaki. She seems to be even less interested in him as of late, and there may be a good reason!

Massive spoiler (you’re reading a review/discussion of an episode here, ya know) is that there’s a giant Mitsumune! What does that even mean? The other revelation being that the Driver saw his long deceased daughter quite clearly out in the woods. Ghosts and giants may be a little far-fetched for how this show has been set up, but a giant of a character who is still living and present!? I’ll really be tuning in next week to see how that one plays it. Clearly it didn’t harm them, yet.

And what of Jack’s escape, and the oddly prophetic moment from Lion stating that although the ones that left won’t make it, they won’t die either. Zombies, maybe? Turning in to giants? The monster from Lost – I mean, Lord of the Flies? There are so many questions going on right now, and it’s a testament to some kind of story telling that I actually want to know the answers.

Episode Score

Extra thoughts:
– Lion got more exposure in this episode! Lion/10.
– When they discussed what the sound was, the plot of Lord of the Flies re-emerged.
– Could be a really strange siren. Could be a speaker in the woods (Goosebumps)
It was clear they were going to end up walking in circles the moment they left. 
– Still needs more Lion-chan.

Mayoiga - 04 - Lion Sleeps Tonight.gif

Next time: “Three Yuunas Is a Crowd”


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