Re:Zero Is Full Of Action

Too many words in my weekly reaction to Re:Zero! Here’s a look at what I had to say about episode 03 – with obvious signs that I have watched The Force Awakens recently.

Damn they really blew the crap out of Old Man Rom’s house. Talk about discretion problems. Great action sequences in this episode, and a little super saiyan blue as well. I can maybe understand how the two rather magical characters, Emilia and Reinhardt, are rather overpowered (total understatement), but how in the hell did Subaru even stand up to that bowel hunter? He deflected dozens of hits by that crazy super powered woman and she got one good slice in. He was like Rey discovering her force powers, and standing up to a highly trained enemy.

Re Zero kara - 03 - Reinhardt attacks.gif

I’m glad Subaru didn’t die and reset though – because at some point in the way this story is being told, it starts to be wasted plot development that has to be retread or discarded. I’ll be interested to see how they deal with that going forward. It doesn’t have quite the impact of Steins;Gate, and we definitely don’t want to get to the point of Haruhi’s ‘Endless Eight’.

Did Reinhardt just Kylo Ren force-power Felt to sleep?

Re Zero kara - 03 - Reinhardt and Felt
Kylo Ren would be proud.

Episode Score

No matter how you look at us, Felt, this post is a bonus and not part of our current series review line-up! Keep a look out for some thoughts on Re:Zero each week in our Weekly Reactions posts!

Re Zero kara - Felt Crying.gif


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