Dragon Ball Super 39

Let’s make predictions on what Goku’s new technique will be, before we watch the episode. “It’ll probably be time travel or something – at least don’t let it be a new color already”, says J-san. I personally believe his new Saiyan form will grow extra large nipples, channeling the same kind of energy that Monaka uses. We were close, right?

Well it wasn’t exactly a new color, and it wasn’t extra large nipples – although! Hear me out. Kaio-ken added red, and it makes all of their body, including possibly the nipples, slightly larger. I’d say we were spot on.

The initial fight scenes between Goku and Hit were pretty decent. They traded blows in the normal re-used animation fashion, and then talked extensively about how their techniques work – including how they plan on beating each other. It was the true martial artist mindset at play here, which is even mentioned by one of the Kai’s to explain away why Hit doesn’t just destroy Goku as he powers up. The both sure scream a lot though. The self-awareness is strong with this episode.

So Kaio-ken times ten plus Super Saiyan Blue. He’s now ten times stronger! But it comes at a risk, and only had a ten percent chance of working (or 100% because plot). It’s not exactly a secret technique, but rather one that nobody has really thought about since Super Saiyan became the thing. I even yelled it out as he started powering up, along with other fun things like purple, green, orange, and nipples. Even Beerus was concerned at this surge in power, wondering if he could stand up to Goku in a rematch if he were to use this technique. Where do they even go after this? The whole point of having a God of Destruction was that he be undefeatable by beings in the universe they oversee, as to keep some kind of order and destroy things that need destroying.

When the title theme started playing, it was one of those cool “yeah anime!” moments that you see every now and again. They blew the whole arc’s remaining budget on that final few minutes. It went through Kaio-ken, kamehameha, flashbacks to Dragon Ball Z, and flurries of attacks. If they had the means to pull that off every week, One Punch Man style, this would be an amazing show. But what is Dragon Ball if not waiting for something super cool to finally happen?

And next week is the end of the arc? That’s pretty quick at a whole ten episodes or so. It’s for the best though, as tournaments don’t really have the lasting power that a more expandable story could support. The only one to successfully last a lot of episodes was the Cell games. This is more like the Majin/Tournament arc that led in to the Buu saga. The only problem is, there’s still no bad guy really. Turns out Hit is a super admirable martial artist who just wants to get better, and hasn’t shown any real evil intentions as of yet. Maybe he wants to use that cube from Champa to help then needy? That or rule all twelve universes as a timeless lord of all existence. It’s Dragon Ball. Who knows.

Dragon Ball Super - 039 - Kaio-ken SSB.gif

J-san’s thoughts:

“OK they might be getting a little too self-aware here.”

Episode Score
7.9/10 Cloudy
7.1/10 J-san

Extra thoughts:
– So he kinda went Super Saiyan Purple.
– There are twelve universes, and each has a God of Destruction? Is there a God of the Gods. Like, a supreme-super-ultra-Kai?
– Why are the super dragon balls only split between parallel universes 6 and 7? Are there parallel dragon balls for every pair? Is there a set of super super dragon balls?
– I’ll stop now…

Next time: “The Conclusion At Last! Is Beerus the Winner? Or Is It Champa?”


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