Flying Witch 02

It’s hard to keep from smiling through this whole show. Wait, who’s this scary looking visitor?

Chinatsu wears her emotions on her sleeve. She’s just so childishly honest it’s almost unbearably cute at times. She’s already become good friends with Mako, enough to include her in the pudding quota and call her by a shortened name. All of the scenes with her reacting to the ominous looking yet quite benevolent harbinger of spring were spot on too. She should really learn how to call the police though!

The harbinger of spring was quite the amusing character. He sounded so defeated when she closed the door on him! I hope this won’t be the last we see of him (he is in the OP). If it is, that was quick. Chinatsu did come to understand him, despite the initial stranger danger. He even left her with a cute flower arrangement as an apology for scaring her! Can this show get any more warm and fuzzy? The answer to that is, of course, yes.

The second half was super slice-of-life. I was legitimately convinced that the dream was real until she woke up in class, as it was really well executed. But it really paid off after the ED when we see Nao waiting around in her shop to get lucky. Hey girl, you left the guy you’re closest to on the way home from school, you can’t just sit around and wait!

As for most of the comedy in this episode, Chinatsu was at the center of it. She’s mastered the deadpan response, and the overtly honest face. But as a larger observation, comedy isn’t really forced upon is in this show. It seems to be well presented with everyday possibilities sprinkled with the reaction to strange witch happenings – and I can appreciate that. It’s spreading it around nicely too, not letting the MC or clueless dude stereotypes take too much of the action. Sure, Makoto can’t figure out where she’s going most of the time – but the other players are contributing too!

I’ll be looking forward to this at the end of each week. I can’t imagine how there will be any sort of conflict at all with the tone it has set so far – but I’m excited to find out. The end credits show a lot of possibility for Makoto and Chinatsu working together in the future, and we even got a little hint from the harbinger that Chinatsu might be a little witch-to-be! Witch would be perfect (yeah you heard me).

Episode Score

Extra thoughts:
– Super slice-of-life this week.
– I hope Chinatsu gets to be a witch.
– Kei would make a great house-husband, apparently.
– His mom knows he’s a slacker. Mom knows all.
– So much scenery and food porn.

Flying Witch - 02 - Bothering Chinatsu.gif



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