Kiznaiver 02

Well that’s one way to force character development. Top question of the show so far, why do they use Gomorin for everything!?

I still fail to see how this system is useful in any particular way to complete ‘missions’ together. It’s not clear how it splits up damage, but sharing the pain is pretty evident. It seems like more of a handicap. I get that when they accidentally (or intentionally) hurt each other, they understand the consequence and apologize when they usually wouldn’t. Sure it has societal implications of some sort, but to make them a super team of some kind? Not really sold as of yet. The mayor of the city and the teachers who sold out their students have some kind of stake in it, and it’s probably more than just making a “smiley, happy town for everyone”.

Sonozaki seems a little beyond crazy, continuing from last episode. It’s just unfair to give people a mission description and it be completely irrelevant to the actual information that you need to succeed. Could you imagine being in a class at school and the teacher asks you to do a book report, then after you finish it they fail you for not doing it on the exact book they were thinking about at the time? Then you have to keep doing book reports and getting F’s until you can figure out what the required book is? It’s just sadistic – and that’s what Sonozaki seems like to me so far.

“We’ve barely even talked to each other before. That’s skipping, like, five or six steps!” – Tenga

Chidori totally noticed the thing that was closest to her, even when she wasn’t quite sure. I was really hoping this whole setup to have them reveal their deepest secrets would have her spill the beans about her obvious osananajimi love. Turns out she did, after some serious coaxing. Is Sonozaki supporting her by making her admit it, or just trying to strengthen the group? She definitely likes to string Katsuhira along. Seems like an odd situation all around.

Some of their secrets were fun, but several of them don’t seem nearly as important as others. It’s as if they needed to develop these characters, but only a few of them are dramatically important to the series. The fact that Yuta was [fat as a kid] doesn’t really compare to the fact that Maki [killed someone]. It is hinted that it wasn’t completely her fault though. Hopefully we’ll see moving forward how this system can be used for missions, and how the characters cope with being bossed around by an insane girl.

Episode Score

Extra thoughts:
– Did the sweet smell of a girl excite you?
– This series claims they’re all main characters, but I don’t believe them.
– Worst. field trip. ever.
– Stop letting students taze each other!

Kiznaiver - 02 - Gomorin Interupts.gif

Next time: “Depending on how you look at it, I think we could get through anything… right?”

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