Mayoiga 03

Things get extra chaotic when a member of the tour goes missing and bullying takes over. The prospect of danger brings out the base instincts in a group like this. Is this a twisted sociology experiment? Do you feel like they’re being watched? I would be looking for cameras if I were there!

This show can be a chaotic mess at times. That’s also not necessarily a bad thing. With 31 (maybe 30, or 29) characters there seems to be a lot going on and complete discordance among the group. It’s exactly as you would expect this kind of adventure to play out with a group of strangers selected from the internet that want to escape their lives. If I had to level one primary criticism against this show so far, and particularly this episode, is that it is chaos almost all the time. It jumps between disagreements so quickly that it can be hard to stomach. We could at least use a little bit of downtime between overtly dramatic moments. If I had to level one net positive out of this show, it would be that it’s hard to stomach.

This issue with Yottsun’s disappearance doesn’t really get resolved. They argue out the possibilities, and once Masaki is found in the would a little beaten up, nobody can come to a consensus about what to do next. Her story was pretty suspect, lacking any real detail – and why did he say “why here” and just walk off? Just like the internet, nobody seemed too shy to share their viewpoint. Was it the Lost monster, a bear, or that evil eye? If I were there, I would suggest that it’s the shady organization that set up the place and sent the email that is messing with them. How do people respond to this situation, and what happens when they start disappearing or are faced with serious threats? To be fair, that probably doesn’t need a highly unethical study to figure out – they go crazy and start killing, er- executing each other! (Thanks again, Lord of the Flies)

I can’t really cover all of the character interactions and events that happen in an episode like this. Mitsumune keeps trying to get up Masaki’s skirt, Maimai goes full tsundere, Valkana feels eternally responsible, the ‘leadership’ can’t handle anything, and Lion goes criminally under-used – just to point out a few.

As for the craziest person so far – Lovepon really wants to kill people. And they’re afraid of Jack? His behavior might be circumstantial, but hers is just straight up unbalanced. And seriously, Mitsumune, even the horniest of teenagers doesn’t get embarrassed about seeing through a girl’s wet shirt when they’re being drowned! It’s like each character is bound to their one character trait and then pushes it to the extreme. If they did do any background checks on these people, it was for all the wrong reasons.

It’s like the selection process for this ‘tour’ involved finding the most extreme stereotypes of every facet of modern society. I feel like the show will continue to be rather unfocused in the chaotic manner I mentioned above for a while longer, and I’m still rolling with it. It’s like the ‘reality’ show Survivor – as the crowd thins, the game becomes more focused and personal. The first few weeks are just a free-for-all of who can speak the loudest and poor alliance decisions. Who was that floating down the river at the end? I think it’s pretty clear from their clothing and next week’s episode title!

Episode Score

Extra thoughts:
– Lion-chan goes totally under-used, but gets the best shots!
– I would have put Lovepon in jail before Jack. Fanaticism is scary.
– How is the name Hyoketsu no Judgeness the same as Jack?
– People need to start kicking the bucket, soon.

Mayoiga - 03 - Lovepon Crazy.gif

Next time: “Yottsun’s Drowning” (Highlight for minor spoilers?)


2 thoughts on “Mayoiga 03

  1. Anonymous April 30, 2016 / 4:36 am

    Lol one of my first thoughts was Lion is barely in this episode!


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