Spring 2016 Weekly Reactions 01

Introducing the new Weekly Reactions section of Clouded Anime! Here we will be doing quick summaries of the week’s episodes that were reviewed here at Clouded – a quick stop for our general thoughts and episode scores. Wait, there’s more! Even the shows that aren’t being reviewed that our staff are watching will be talked about. It’s a great place to react to the week in anime, and how the season is progressing!

Now it might be a little confusing with Mayoiga being essentially a week ahead of everyone else, but that just means this week gets two reactions! From then on, all of the shows but Mayoiga should follow the title number with the post number (eg Kiznaiver 04 and Weekly Reactions 04).

Week start: Sunday (Re:Zero, Dragon Ball Super)
Week end: Saturday (Kiznaiver, Flying Witch)

April 01, 2016

Mayoiga 01 – This show boasts an insane ensemble cast! 30 characters plus the bus driver! It felt hectic, but in the sense that being in such a situation would feel exactly like that. We’ll see how it focuses going forward on certain interactions and character stories, as we can be certain each one of them has something to be told. Total Lord of the Flies meets Lost vibes here.
Episode Score: 8.8/10

April 04, 2016

Dragon Ball Super 37 – This episode really dragged off the top.It did give a little time to re-establish the ring and clarify that the rules changed again.  If I didn’t know any better, this is turning in to a Wrestlemania event. We’ve already been through the cage match.Once trained, Cabba showed off how formidable he had become, pushing Vegeta back with some impressive strikes.Will he be a fellow super saiyan blue in the future, fighting alongside Goku and Vegeta? I kind of hope so, but there are also a number of other saiyans that are doing pretty much nothing these days, and could use a little attention.
Episode Score: 7/10 (Cloudy), 7/10 (J-san)

Re:Zero – This came off as pretty good, but also as a less funny version of Konosuba. It’s hard to follow up the kind of reception that show got with such a similar premise. The characters hold up, even though they’re all pretty obvious. The spirit cat seems to be the most defining trait of this show so far. The MC comes back to life when he dies? That could be used to good effect, but we’ll have to see.
Episode Score: 7.7/10

April 08, 2016

Mayoiga 02 – There were moments in this episode that were almost uncomfortable to watch. Not that this is a bad thing, of course. It was rather realistic how a group of people, especially rebellious teens, can devolve in to a pile of tropes representing all that is wrong with humanity.  I feel like this story is turning more and more in to Lord of the Flies, with ‘the monster’ and the degradation of human decency in a secluded group. As for the village and its past occupants, it’s hard to say what the deal is yet. It kind of reminds me of the self-sufficient Darma initiative village from Lost, but how does that kind of thing exist in mainland Japan?
Episode Score: 7/10

April 09, 2016

Kiznaiver 01 – All of the Studio TRIGGER Kill la Kill signs are here. It might be toned down a little from the insanity of their previous show, but Kiznaiver is rolling out the stylized animation, character tropes, and even a few things that could link the universes together. Is this going to have the standard osananajimi vs. new mysterious beauty love triangle? As for the Kizuna system itself, and the Kiznaivers that are a part of it, I’m not really seeing the benefit. Sure, it could make people understand each other a little better, and it gives Katsuhira his sense of pain back in a rather strange way, but what’s the end game?
Episode Score: 8.1/10

Flying Witch 01 – If there is a show this season that can slow things down, calm you down, and just generally leave a smile on your face, this is the one. The animation off the top is clean and detailed. The music plays a soft upbeat melody. The characters smile honestly. Plus there’s a cat! Where could this show go? I don’t even really care – and I don’t say that very often. I’m not a huge slice-of-life fan, but this was just right.
Episode Score: 9.2/10


3 thoughts on “Spring 2016 Weekly Reactions 01

  1. BlackAnimeQueen April 10, 2016 / 5:35 pm

    I disagree with your rating of of Re:zero and it is so much different genre of konosuba . Konosuba is comedy and this is more dark fantasy story, so you definitely cannot compare the two just because of similar settings. Just like people were comparing Rakudai kishi and Asterik wars even though they were both different from each other. Please try to rewatch the show again and try to see what the writer is trying to get accross to you with the show before saying they are similar.(By the way i am not angry, not sure if it comes off as rude, Gomen nasai I am very sorry)Just wanted you be careful how you see and phrase things and enjoy shows better.


    • Cloudy April 10, 2016 / 6:27 pm

      I would say that Re:zero and Konosuba are quite comparable, as long as it is known that Konosuba is a parody comedy and Re:zero is going the serious route. It’s just that after seeing such a well done comedy on this trope of being stuck in another world, I’m having a hard time taking Re:zero too seriously yet (and it uses a lot of the same comedy beats). I’m just not fully convinced as of yet, so we’ll see how it is going forward.


      • BlackAnimeQueen April 10, 2016 / 7:04 pm

        I guess we can only agree to dsagree. Don’t get me wrong i enjoyed konosuba but not enough that i see what you see in it i guess.


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