Dragon Ball Super 38

Hey Hit, do you bleed? The Prince of the Saiyans gives his best shot at the latest 6th universe contender, but is he destined to always fall just for Goku to come in and save the day? You’ve watched Dragon Ball Z, I’m sure.

After several minutes of powering up, jockeying, and Vegeta hunching over looking kind of strange, the fight with Hit has begun! There were a few strange things about this fight, and the biggest is that Super Saiyan Blue doesn’t seem to be offering much of an upgrade from just normal Saiyan. It’s even kind of proven later in the episode when normal Goku takes a bunch of hits that seriously knocked back blue Vegeta. It just kind of belittles the purpose of all these transformations if they don’t seem overly relevant.

How about Hit’s technique though? I guessed time-leaping of some sort, and it turns out that could be what he’s doing. The Z-fighters had faced a few enemies in the past, most notably the Frieza goon that held is breath, who could manipulate time in some way. And compared to that breath holding guy, this 0.1 second leap (back I assume) is a pretty small amount of time. But is it? These characters move so fast and are so powerful that they could remove a person’s head in less time. The fact that it’s so short though comes in to play, allowing Goku to defend because Hit only has so long to make his move after seeing Goku’s initial movement.

And then there is Monaka. Who would have guessed that he was really just an amateur all along and Beerus brought him along to trick the other fighters!? Oh wait, that’s been the theory for weeks now. How did he not die when Goku punched him in the face? Why did they not bring someone like Gohan at least so that they could have some backup? I guess Beerus really thinks Goku and Vegeta have what it takes – they are the ultimate tag-team that refuse to help each other in any way. There might still be hope though, if Monaka magically turns out to have some hilarious super power. That would be genuinely entertaining with a double fake-out.

The question for Hit was, “do you bleed?”, and apparently just like Superman, he does. Goku might not be winning any Nobel prizes here, but he definitely has some smarts to be able to telegraph the reaction to his attacks enough to block them. Really, it’s just like normal fighting but 0.1 second faster. Couldn’t think of a better description of this series so far.

J-san’s thoughts:

“What does that power aura even do when they turn it on? It looks like it just leaks power that would be better focused at the enemy.

Also, Vegeta is always the one to get his a** beat so that Goku can use his super-brain to figure out the enemy’s weakness or technique. It’s pretty much his sole function.”

Dragon Ball Super - 038 - Goku vs Hit.gif

Episode Score
Cloudy: 6.8/10
J-san: 5/10

Extra thoughts:
– The aura effects for super saiyan blue are looking better, I think?
– The SSB look without the aura is quite nice.
– If we can’t see him move, it doesn’t need to be animated.
– How does time work universally when a second is just a measure of Earth movement?
– Who let these jokers be gods?

Next time: “A Perfect ‘Time-Leap’ Counter!? Is It Coming!? Goku’s New Technique!”


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