Mayoiga 02

Decency and compassion seem to fly out the window when you leave your past life behind for a new, secluded existence. When nobody knows each other, they can be whatever they want to be. Oh, it’s like the internet.

There were moments in this episode that were almost uncomfortable to watch. Not that this is a bad thing, of course. It was rather realistic how a group of people, especially rebellious teens, can devolve in to a pile of tropes representing all that is wrong with humanity. Their solution for the bus driver made some kind of logical sense, but was still screwing him over so hard. Where was he going to go, and you seriously make fun of how poor he is at that moment? The real mystery of this episode has to be what the bus driver saw that made him change his mind about leaving the group behind.

So, is there a monster of some kind in this village? I feel like this story is turning more and more in to Lord of the Flies, with ‘the monster’ and the degradation of human decency in a secluded group. The village clearly has no current occupants, making it a real parallel to a deserted island. A few people seem to hold a little bit of authority, but that’s not likely to last.

Our MC, Mitsumune, seems to be the gullible and easy one of the group. This is definitely the type of situation where it’s easy to fall for new girls, but come on kid. Did you not see how crazy some of them are, and how easily this group goes to shit right quick? There’s a girl that speaks in cat-puns and sounds that carries a (hopefully fake) sub-machine gun! And the one you’re most interested in seems the least mentally stable of the group so far. Ok, except for maybe the one that already wanted to execute the bus driver. I guess we know who Piggy is…

I’m not sure what Yottsun and his crew are thinking, trying to get a rape-y with the girls of the group. There’s only 30 people on this trip and you all have to live together. I don’t think that kind of behavior would hold up with the rest of the gang for very long. That kind of thing would be grounds for execution in this kind of situation. If you wanted to pick up girls, maybe disconnecting from the world wasn’t the best option – although it certainly narrows things down to others of the crazy persuasion.

As for the village and its past occupants, it’s hard to say what the deal is yet. It kind of reminds me of the self-sufficient Darma initiative village from Lost, but how does that kind of thing exist in mainland Japan? There must be something government related going on here, considering Koharun‘s email about how to find the location. Was she instructed to bring a certain set of people, perhaps choosing by various traits, to bring to this research facility? It’s still too early to tell. I’ll be sticking with this to see how it turns out – I do enjoy the level of discomfort it seems to provide with the all too real character scenarios.

Episode Score

Extra thoughts:
– Lost meets Lord of the Flies meets the internet.
– We can all use a little more Lion-chan. If she dies…
– Seriously, advocating for execution on the first day?

Mayoiga - 02 - Lion Looks
Let her look through you.

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    • Anonymous April 30, 2016 / 4:38 am

      Agreed! Super cute!


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