Kiznaiver 01 – First Impressions

All for one, and one for all. The creators of Kill la Kill are back on a new anime original! The characters assemble in this premiere episode, and the Kizuna system kicks off. Brought to you in part by REVOCS.

First Impressions

All of the Studio TRIGGER Kill la Kill signs are here. It might be toned down a little from the insanity of their previous show, but Kiznaiver is rolling out the stylized animation, character tropes, and even a few things that could link the universes together. Pretty sure that wouldn’t make any sense, considering this show has at least some semblance of reality to it.  And it seems to pull it off too. With a visual style and character interactions pretty similar to Kill la Kill, it’s toned down enough to work as a serious story. The comedy moments fit in pretty well too. It goes without saying that if you line up a cast of characters that are all purposely contradictory to each other, there’s going to be some funny circumstances. There’s also a bit of a noble pursuit involved, with the goal of the Kizuna system being world peace – or at least peace between people that have a hard time understanding each other. In this case, that’s through high school personality tropes.

Episode Review

The fact that Agata Katsuhira has an extremely high pain tolerance is slightly hinted at having a real explanation from the first scene. A MC with a troubled childhood and a girl telling him to regain what he’s lost? Check. OK that doesn’t happen everywhere, but it starts the series with a pretty serious similarity to Kill la Kill. My question about him is that if he doesn’t feel pain much at all, does he feel anything? He has a history of being beaten up thanks to it that he couldn’t seem to care less about, but what happens when that girl holds his hand?

And then there’s Takashiro Chidori, the most tsundere of osananajimi (childhood friend) bound to be out-done by the mysterious pretty girl that I have seen in a while. She’s one of my favorites so far in terms of character type and design, but I will admit that she probably has no chance if romance comes in to play in this show. She definitely cares for him, in the most tsun ways possible. Some day, in some anime, the doomed osananajimi trope will fall. This is likely not that time.

That brings us to Sonozaki Noriko. The clearly obvious popular mysterious beauty. This show takes it a little further with her also being connected to crazy scientific experiments and the goal to change the world. Bit of a jump, but it pushes the plot along. She’s also a total ass. She just straight up uses the people around her for this system, with no question or consent.

The other characters that I have yet to discuss all have their defining qualities pointed out in this introductory style episode. There’s the athlete, a guy too cool for his own good, and a high and mighty nerd (those don’t usually appear until grad school!). One of them catches the eye quite immediately, and that’s the eccentric Niiyama Niko. She’s a bit like a copy-pasted version of Harime Nui from Kill la Kill, but perhaps less murderous. Overall, it should be a decent cast, and a little bit more manageable than a certain other show running this season.

As for the Kizuna system itself, and the Kiznaivers that are a part of it, I’m not really seeing the benefit. Sure, it could make people understand each other a little better, and it gives Katsuhira his sense of pain back in a rather strange way, but what’s the end game? Does Sonozaki plan on having everyone in the world hooked up to this? There are sources of pain that aren’t caused by people hurting each other – it can’t be a good solution for the human condition as a whole. I’ll be watching this to see just how they turn this group of pain-sharing students in to a superhero team. It’s going to happen.

Episode Score

Extra thoughts:
– The OP must be a remix of “Take on Me” by A-ha.
– Don’t worry, this is still anime. He took the chance to see her pantsu.
– Wait, there’s no way he didn’t already see them in this scene.

Kiznaiver - 01 - Niiyama

Next time:

Kiznaiver - 01 - Next time


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