Team Saya 03

Hot food for a hot day. Eating Buta-men in this situation might actually be the best way to enjoy it. Wait… is this a pool episode? Here it goes…

What’s better for a 30+ Celsius mi-summer day? Hot soup and noodles. At least that’s what the continually degenerating-sanity of our main competitor seems to believe. She even turns off the A/C! No matter anyone’s fondness for ramen products, the middle of a summer day in a hot room without air conditioning is a no go. But there is some trickery to be had here – just look at how steamy that room got! The perfect situation for transference of pheromones and the incidental sweaty see-through shirt. It would have been a good ploy too, if it weren’t for the fact that it was ruining every other product in the store.

How does one escape this kind of attack? By going to the epitome of refreshing, tantalizing, stimulating, and tropey of summer locales. The local swimming pool. A place to relax and take in the sweet experience that is youth in summer. A place for fun times and good friends. A place for the opposite sex in swimsuits. Wait. Something’s wrong here. Where is everyone? This isn’t the swimming pool of our dreams… it’s the battlefield of our dreams.

But what Coconuts and Tou┬áreally came┬áto the pool for was…

Full Size (Saya)Full Size (Hotaru)

But what happens when the crazy-eyed Hotaru can’t accost Coconuts? She turns to whatever is left behind, it seems. Watch out, Tou! Oh, he actually wants it. Continue then.

This also wouldn’t be a true battle of the ages until the enemies bonded even closer. Just because Hotaru knows a thing or two (or a thousand) about dagashi, doesn’t mean she’s on the winning side. Not everything can be all sweet, all the time. At some point you’ll want something a little bitter in your life.

What can we expect from these two battling it out in the future for the sake of winning Coconuts’ (*cough* our) hearts? Probably more drug-fueled shenanigans from crazy-eyed Hotaru, and the best of tsun AND dere from the goddess Saya. Stay tuned.

Dagashi Kashi - 03 - Saya Mizugi.gif




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