Dragon Ball Super 37

Does the 6th Universe saiyan Cabba match up against the mighty Vegeta? Well, he is only a cabbage, while Vegeta is literally  the prince of all vegetables!

Dragon Ball Super - 37 - Vegeta rub.gif

This episode really dragged off the top. We got a reaffirmation that Goku is most concerned about Hit, while Champa and Beerus couldn’t help but duke it out a little bit more to pass the time between fights. There are good ways to do downtime in a show like this, and although I loved Bulma patting down Vegeta’s face, it really wasn’t all that interesting. It did give a little time to re-establish the ring and clarify that the rules changed again.  If I didn’t know any better, this is turning in to a Wrestlemania event. We’ve already been through the cage match.

Downtime out of the way, we came here to see saiyans fight it out! And it was a very different take on the type of fight that we expected. I assumed that Cabba (yes, cabbage…) would be turning super saiyan for the first time, but not that he would just straight up ask Vegeta to teach him mid-fight. That was pretty cool. And what do ya know, we got to see good-guy Vegeta shine. He masked his efforts pretty well to trick Cabba in to transforming, and it really couldn’t have worked out any other way. Vegeta knew just enough information to make it possible. We’ve been fed that the key to turning super saiyan is harnessing sudden anger, but that’s not always been the case. I’m pretty sure Trunks and Goten just did it because they wanted to.

Once trained, Cabba showed off how formidable he had become, pushing Vegeta back with some impressive strikes. Oh did I say pushing Vegeta back? I meant doing no damage whatsoever, because Vegeta is a super saiyan god. He blocked Cabba’s strongest attack with his face! Thank the gods that we finally got to see someone take a match seriously and end it properly, even if it had a bit of educational development to it. I doubt Cabba will forget that pain for a long time. Will he be a fellow super saiyan blue in the future, fighting alongside Goku and Vegeta? I kind of hope so, but there are also a number of other saiyans that are doing pretty much nothing these days, and could use a little attention.

The 6th universe is down to their final fighter – so this week we had a bit of a discussion on what could happen in the future, or what we think would be cool. Obviously, Vegeta is going to get his butt handed to him in the next round. The tournament can’t just end with Goku and… dare I say it, “nipples” Monaka showing what he’s got. The marquis match up has to be Hit v Goku, but if Hit can beat a super saiyan blue, than Goku could also face quite the challenge. Oh and shout out to calling it super saiyan blue (SSB from now on)! The manga covered that it was annoying to say all the super saiyan god super saiyan over and over, but we didn’t really hear it in the show from what I remember. With that out of the way, I’m expecting that further down the line Hit wins the tournament and gets the cube from Champa – then uses it to go to other universes. It was heavily hinted in this episode! That could open Hit up as a villain beyond this tournament, or for reasons beyond our comprehension, something completely unpredictable could happen.

J-san’s thoughts:

“Why is Yamucha speaking? Actually, why does he have lines at all? Why are him and Krillin taking time off from their janitor jobs? (to be fair, Krillin is a security guard)”

“Saiyan pride is not Vegeta’s strength – every time he has ever lost or been killed it’s been because he has too much pride.”

Episode Score
Cloudy: 7/10
J-san: 7/10

Next time: “Strongest Fighter of Universe 6! The Assassin, Hit!!”

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