Mayoiga 01 – First Impressions

The new season of Spring Anime 2016 starts with a bang – and a huge ensemble cast! This is looking like a pretty clear must-watch so far. Check out the first impressions, and we’ll see how they hold up!

A bus on the road to a hidden village, filled with outcasts and strangers. Some of which want to escape their past, others looking for new adventure, and several with totally mysterious intentions. It’s a pretty interesting concept so far. Who are these people?

Damn there are a lot of them. This show boasts an insane ensemble cast! 30 characters plus whoever is driving the bus! And it includes some of the strangest, most amazing names ever taken somewhat seriously in an anime – including Hyokutsu no Judgeness, Piitan, Pink Goddess (a dude), and Lovepon. Three of the girls ran in to the trouble of sharing the same name, Yuuna, so they were each given varying versions of it. A few characters even had rather normal names. Now these are all online screen-names of some sort, so the ridiculous nature is excusable. I just hope that these are used in wonderfully serious situations later down the line.

Below I will list each character with their introduction photo. The names can be found in the caption and file names.

Apparently none of them know anything solid about their destination. But like most people who would willingly volunteer for this situation, they definitely want to seem like they know something. They all seem to be a little bit crazy in each their own way as well. Masaki is already laying on the crazy pretty thick, and some of the girls gossiping in the bathroom are already giving the show a Lord of the Flies vibe. In fact, that seems to be the total direction this episode took us. Certain people are manipulators, others want anarchy, and some naturally take charge. I’m quite excited for a few of them already, even after such little screen time each. Should be quite the intense amount of drama. At least they have bus songs to sing.

Talk about some dark turns. Mitsumune (the expected MC) had some insane visions there, as probably a combination of flashbacks and hallucinations. Building right out of that tension got us the bus driver’s insanity. I felt like he was raising the red-flag of death several times in those scenes, just setting himself up to be the one true adult that dies early.

This episode already did a pretty good job of detailing some of the characters’ traits and mannerisms. It felt hectic, but in the sense that being in such a situation would feel exactly like that. We’ll see how it focuses going forward on certain interactions and character stories, as we can be certain each on of them has something to be told. The problem with this is that I don’t want it to be an Assclass style character-of-the-week type show. I’d much rather it be the natural, if somewhat sporadic, interactions that were on display in this episode.

Episode Score

Extra thoughts:
– There are some clear main characters, from how the OP & ED portray them.
– This episode wasn’t afraid to jump from lighthearted to insane dark themes!
– Nice animation and character art. How about that hallucination scene?
– 3D bus is 3D.
– Who’s going to get the conch shell… and who’s Piggy…

Mayoiga - 01 - Credits CardFull Size

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