Dimension W 12 – Final Impressions

Easter Island, Genesis, and everyone’s memories – it all plays out in the final episode of Dimension W. If there were ever time for a character spin-off, this one deserves a few. Check out the final impressions for the series below the episode review!

Episode Review

The epic battle with Seameyer is here! Do they really battle it out very much in this episode though? Not really. There are a lot of really great looking action shots, but most of the time is spent putting back together memories and attempting to clear up some of the blurrier plot points. I’m still not even clear on why having five ‘numbers’ lets Loser open a gate – they’re more powerful maybe, but are there really a couple hundred of them? You would think people would be opening gates all over the place if they’re that abundant.

Kyouma’s views on Mira not having anything to do with his situation were a little forced. They had been building a certain level of understanding the whole series, but the final episode needed a character conflict to overcome I guess. He calmed down a lot after finding out Mira was built for Miyabi, and that she wouldn’t be alive without the decisions that were made. She’s still a piece of junk at that point though, but by the end of the episode he thinks a little higher of her existence. I doubt he would have called Miyabi a piece of junk if she were in that body!

Mira’s struggles through the episode were some of the best parts. Although the strange memory sequence bit with Kyouma seemed a little wacky, even for this show, it forced the issue with her coil’s stability. She was straight up going to sacrifice herself as well! In the end, she is still rather robotic in thought process. Even she should understand that Kyouma wouldn’t want her to do such a drastic thing – and even more so after finding out their connection. The new coil she receives from her father in the green light isn’t explained in the slightest either. It just seemed like a way to save her from destruction with a quite literal deus ex machina.

Before Mira can sacrifice herself, all sides come together and form a plan to take down Seameyer. It was seriously the easiest thing to do, apparently, just pulling the monstrosity back in to the portal and crushing him. It was great to see him completely lose it after finding out the genesis coil was destroyed and that he couldn’t be saved. Why exactly Kyouma and Miyabi decided not to use it to save her is another strange hole in this story. When the choice is destroy the magic ball of possible evil or use it to save someone with no consequence, I think you usually save the person. Good that he didn’t though, or there would be no show!

Loser gets the toughest end of the stick, giving up his coil to help defeat Seameyer and succumbing to injuries sustained in the more battle-like part of the episode. In terms of the character spin-offs I mentioned earlier, Loser is a great contender for a prequel. Now, because of the rule that orphans in this kind of situation become super, Elizabeth definitely looks set for her own bat-girl story. Even Mira and the crazy new coil she has could be an interesting continuation.

Episode Score

Final Impressions

I really enjoy futuristic series that deal with power generation, the economics of it, society dealing with the issue, as well as robotics and artificial intelligence. This series had a lot going for it during its run in terms of things I find interesting. It also featured some rather solid characters and performances, despite being pushed through a somewhat lackluster overall plot.

The concept of coils and dimensional technology to generate the world’s entire supply of power is an amazing concept.¬†Gundam 00 hit up similar territory with its orbital elevators and potentially limitless solar power. It’s just such a great way to jump the story forward in to a time where there are cooler things to be concerned about than resources. Although there was a clear monopoly on the tech, it didn’t seem to be withheld from any country or region – with 60 (+1) power plants being built in equal spacing around the planet to optimize the system. Despite how much it talked about these things, we never really got too much detail on the state of the world beyond Salva’s political coups.

I feel like most of what I got from this series¬†every week in terms of enjoyment stemmed from Mira, or Kyouma and Loser doing something cool. It could be nice to see more of the adventures of the collectors to come, but I’ll definitely miss the superbly cute Mira. How on earth did this show not build further upon her emotional growth!? It had a little bit of fan-service with her robotic body, but they didn’t want to get in a kiss or anything at the end? She even started questioning these kinds of emotions just recently, when Kyouma patted her on the head and she wanted him to do it again. I suppose that even over the many years that I have been watching anime, studios have never wanted to ‘finalize’ a relationship.

Would you want to see more of these characters in a series to come? I think there are some interesting possibilities (ha..haha), but it’s hard to say after a pretty average response to this season. It was fun, had some great characters, and Mira shone like a star – but it likely won’t be remembered next year at this time.

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Series Score

(rounded to 8 for MAL)

Dimension W Title


2 thoughts on “Dimension W 12 – Final Impressions

  1. lucifermetatron April 18, 2016 / 1:29 pm

    I’m pratically the exact opposite. I couldn’t get into it, and almost fell asleep watching it one time. For me, it felt like nothing it did really capture anything I enjoy about science fiction, and anime in general.

    If there’s ever a continuation I would prefer it to focus on Kyouma past since I found it more engaging when Kyouma was fighting for something important to him than doing jobs for money for almost the entire series. Seeing him, and his girlfriend together was the highlight of the series for me.

    Spring season, I think, is an improvement so far over Winter. With the exception of an anime called Super Lovers, the animes I’m seeing this season won’t feel like an obligation to sit through because I don’t like dropping anime.


    • Cloudy April 18, 2016 / 1:35 pm

      I would say that Mira, artificial intelligence, and fictional power generation were my favorite parts of this series – and that seems to be a theme in shows I enjoy. Shout out to Gundam 00! The male lead that lost his love to illness or accident is an old trope that needs a lot of work to be convincing in anime these days.


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