Dragon Ball Super 36

There are still a lot of fights left to go in this tournament, but this one will go down as the hottest of them all. Time for some super-blurry screenshots. Come on steamy Vegeta, just go all-out! Or is there something down the line to make you hold back the god-mode?

I wasn’t so sure how this strange, gimmicky fight could be salvaged coming in to this week’s episode, but something definitely clicked. It may have dragged a little bit through the explanation of Magetta-san’s (the tin man thing) trick, but the little bits of comedy cleaned that up pretty well. The trick itself was even pretty clever – not just that it’s super hot in the box, but that all of the oxygen was being depleted as well. That’s one way to slow down a humanoid of any kind when you’re a giant fire robot. There is a bit of a problem to this tactic being even at all concerning, as we have seen super-saiyan god form Goku fight in space! He didn’t need to breath up there, why should it be different for Vegeta? Well of course, he was holding back.

Holding back too much once again almost costs the saiyan contingent another fight. And even though Vegeta has a somewhat more tactical mind than say, Goku, he still succumbs to his baser urges eventually. If Vegeta gets mad, it takes a lot to hold him back. You could see it in his expressions as he flew towards the barrier, or when he almost fell out of the ring and was saved by a damn flake of the ring itself. He looked like he was holding back, and at the same time frustrated that he was doing it to himself. Quite an interesting struggle.

When Vegeta finally got a little pissed after being saved by a technicality, the fight finally got good. We haven’t seen that special move in quite some time (video). I guess he didn’t have to worry too much about the area around him getting too destroyed by Final Flash – being out in space on a little rock. It did make for some great build-up and payoff shots, but still not nearly as much as that classic video linked above. The fact it was against a foe that could even push back against it kind of diminished the excitement. Even fights are cool, but sometimes we just want to see the good guys wreck the competition. He does win by knocking Megatta out of the ring, but apparently it was only after calling him a piece of junk.

“A prince like me was saved, thanks to the rules?”

The ‘final boss’ of this tournament is hinted at pretty hard with Goku and Vegeta’s little aside glancing over at Hit (dumb name). The logic of holding back so the main enemy doesn’t know your true power is absolutely horrible. It doesn’t matter if they know your utmost powerful form or abilities, because if they’re strong than you they’ll just win anyway. Perhaps it opens an opportunity for beating the bad guy when they think they don’t have to go full power – but Goku hates fighting somebody that’s holding back anyway. Dragon Ball logic is tough.

J-san’s thoughts:

Gohan is just sitting at home studying or working while all of this is going on. He could be one of these amazing fighters determining the fate of the universe. But no, he has Pan to worry about.

This was the best episode of this arc so far – there were twists and the fight looked really good. Even the comedy was on point and well timed.

Episode Score
Cloudy: 7.8/10
J-san: 8/10

Dragon Ball Super - 36 - Bulma and Jaco.gif

Next time:

We were really excited by the preview for next week. It looks insane, with Vegeta vs Cabba, the young 6th universe saiyan. Looks like Vegeta won’t be able to hold it in despite his and Goku’s agreement to hold back for the rather serious-looking Hit (Cooler-dude). This battle of the saiyans, and especially super-saiyans, could be the highlight of this series so far. But that’s also not a very high bar to reach.


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