HaruChika 12 – Final Impressions

That’s all for HaruChika. A great final performance and some thoughts about the future cap of this colorful show. With the final impressions, check here for the series overall score!

Episode Review

You’re just worried about the competition right now!? That seems like a certain level of self-awareness from this show that just couldn’t go unnoticed. Kind of an “oops, we forgot about any real plot during our day-to-day activities and mysteries”. It was a good lead-in to practicing with Serizawa though. She’s a good teacher for sure, but super harsh when asked to be honest! I’ve never cried in a lesson, but I know a lot of people who have. She managed to turn it around in to motivation at least.

I liked Haru’s tact when it came to getting information about Kusakabe-sensei. It’s completely understandable that there are orchestras around that are trying to recruit him, he conducted the Berlin Phil! And what was that about an offer like this not coming up very often? Again, he conducted the BERLIN PHILHARMONIC! Likely the top orchestra in the world depending on your nuances of regional styles. He could be working literally any where he wanted to in music.

“All worldly things are impermanent. All things that have form will eventually break.” – Thanks for that, Kaiyuu.

Chasing Kusakabe-sensei was reckless as usual. But it did lead to another (partially) solved mystery. Why did he leave Berlin, and why is he here teaching school? Well, it’s clear that Kusakabe-sensei is still rather affected by the loss of a loved one from his past. We know it’s a woman, but was it perhaps his wife? That seems the most likely, but it could also have been a mother, or sister. Either way, it’s really not the best of excuses. I don’t want to seem cold, but I’m sure they would have wanted him to continue following his passion rather than drop out entirely. I guess this series will end with another oddly open-ended resolution to a problem. As for the near-reveal of the romantic feelings, nope! They really just needed transportation fare home more than love.

“Youth is a one-way ticket.” – Truth.

Getting their conductor a new baton is the perfect idea. More importantly, we got to see him use it, and hear the band play! When the performance started and the credits rolled, I was surprised at how quickly it got to them – but fortunately it was a well-devised plan to run the credits through part of the piece and return to the hall for an epic conclusion. All of the animations of them playing were amazing. Almost as amazing as their band sounded. That is, like professionals, because it was a recording of a bunch of professionals in a studio. The only way I could ever understand their bronze finish with a sound like that would be the strength in numbers and the arrangement of the piece. It did kind of bore me through most of the credits, but it really picked up in the super-bandy territory by the end. The band might be losing a few members with the third years (like three?), but they’re determined to continue on. I’m sure they’ll sound even more fantastic in the future.

“I only solved the mysteries. You were the one who worked out everyone’s hearts.”

Episode Score

Final Impressions

This show was great and not-so-great for pretty much the same reasons. It toiled on some pretty neat mysteries, didn’t worry too much about the overall arch, and had a lot of enjoyable small moments. It’s hard to qualify it as a real ‘band’ anime in the sense that Hibike! Euphonium is – in that the whole purpose of every moment relates to the current state of their band. I can see how HaruChika was trying to do that with each mystery essentially leading to the recruitment or stabilization of one of their members, but it really didn’t connect too well. It all just seemed kind of aside, or that the band part was the aside.

The characters, especially the art and animation, really drove this show for me. I found Chika to be just the right blend of crazy, stupid, and wonderfully passionate about everything she does in the nicest way possible. Although the show could have been mostly about her, Haru’s presence was occasionally interesting. He added that little nudge to get Chika going, and for that they worked well together. Pretty much everyone thinks they’re dating. Oh, but Haru was gay (or bi). Yeah, that never really materialized in to anything. The closest payoff to Kusakabe-sensei knowing how his students felt romantically was a bait and switch in to asking for money! Probably for the best though, because you really shouldn’t be professing your love to your professor! At least wait it out a while. As for the rest of the cast, they each had their endearing qualities. Akari Gotou was super cute and energetic. Naoko Serizawa was clearly the most present of side characters, offering her expertise but refusing to fully join in. The rest of the cast were mostly one-offs and added banter that definitely added to the show – and the twins Asahina twins really stole the show sometimes.

This was one of the few shows this season that I sat through the OP and ED for every episode. They must have been just the right blend of catchy, corny, and cute as I would be humming them for days after watching each episode. And the music as a whole was very nice. Any time a band played, or even just small ensembles or solos, it sounded amazing. The series had a catchy theme that was reprised nicely in the final concert, but I like the small flute-lead moments the most (and I am not a big fan of the flute).

Will we be seeing any more of Haru, Chika, and the rest of the band in the future? Probably not. Sure, the show wrapped on a bit of a cliff-hanger. Is the band going to drastically improve and make it to Fumon Hall? The answer to that is definitely yes, but I doubt we’ll be seeing it any time soon. It just wasn’t nearly as popular as P.A. Works probably expected.

Series Score

(rounded to 7 for MAL)

Extra thoughts:
– Great sounding conclusion, even with a no-win!
– This show went somewhere, but I’m not sure how it got there.
– Chika attempted to gain power by summoning a spirit bomb.
– I will definitely miss the eyes in this show.


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