Team Saya 02

Team Saya - 02 - Zoom.gif

A new opening, with an amazing new animation! Saya plays to win, no matter the game.

The competition strikes early…

More dagashi-related hijinks ensue with Hotaru at the helm. I can’t even be sure what she’s trying to prove with those glasses. Reciting facts is definitely what she’s good at, but that doesn’t necessarily make someone intelligent! You need to be able to think through strategy for eating that Kinako-bou – a skill that Hotaru clearly lacks.

As for the (alcohol-free) Namaiki beer… you can’t even get drunk off of it! Is Hotaru that susceptible to placebos? Perhaps this is an early sign for some kind of chemical imbalance, or history of drug problems. We’ve got our eyes on you Hotaru.

Dagashi Kashi - 02 - Colony Drop
They’re going to drop the colony on Earth!?

Master Saya, Queen of the Games…

Team Saya - 02 - Full length.jpg

Would teaming up with her mortal enemy in Coconut gathering actually be the best possible move? Hotaru does want Coconuts to take over the local business so she can take his dad away. It would make Saya pretty much the prime candidate for life-long romantic interest if Coconuts was stuck in this town with her. Seems a little short-sighted though. He does want to be a manga artist, and does she have any plans for the future besides tsun and dere-ing?

If anyone in this show has super powers, it’s Saya. That, or Coconuts for having the power of being completely oblivious to his surroundings (aka MC syndrome). Saya can really deal out the damage in a game that she learned just moments before. The first step to defeating an enemy is to know them. The second step must be to have them feel your ultimate power and be crushed beneath it! Master Saya emerges.

What is going on here?…

What a candy-fueled hallucinogenic trip that was.

Some extras…

Endou Saya Wallpaper 01720p1080p

Endou Saya Wallpaper 02

And lastly, let us slow that GIF from above down a little.

Team Saya - 02 - Zoom slow.gif




One thought on “Team Saya 02

  1. Adina March 23, 2016 / 4:58 pm

    Saya always wins, no matter what.

    Liked by 1 person

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