Dimension W 11

The penultimate episode reveals what happened that fateful day in reactor 61, Adrastea! Everybody is in it for something, but who is actually going to get what they want, if any of them?

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Chrysler blew himself out and Loser got just what he needed to complete his plan! Five numbers. Are they the same numbers used in the experiment that triggered his wife’s disappearance? That’s not quite clarified, but whatever. Loo also seems to be indestructible, and with some care he’s in a way better situation as a super robot than anything his brother could do to save him. The whole gang is at the gate to all of the answers they need, and we want to know what they are too!

“It doesn’t matter what body you’re in. You’re you, and nobody can deny that.” Sounds like Kyouma would accept a robotic Miyabi quite easily…

What happened to no robot movement detected? It was at least a quick way to get rid of the stragglers in a somewhat noble way. This has to come down to Kyouma and Loser (and maybe Seameyer). I understand that Salva really wants the Genesis coil to fix his broken brother, perhaps by transporting him in to a real body of some sorts? Loser clearly wants to find his missing wife (more on that later). Is Kyouma doing this for some kind of closure? He wants to be able to stand in front of ‘her’ again, but probably not literally.

Loser now has the ability to force dimension w fueled dreams on people? That’s kind of cool, and super convenient. We see all the big players from the coil researchers of New Tesla, including a super creepy Seameyer as well as Julian and his wife. As for the discussion on why they couldn’t transport life, that’s been a popular discussion on the internet recently. I recommend checking out the video by CGP Grey, Trouble with Transporters. It details the scientific and far more messed up philosophical problems with teleporting a person by deconstructing them in to energy, or anything that may involve loss of physical consciousness. And as the show states about possibility, intelligence cannot be observed either. Only you truly know that you have intelligence, making it impossible to confirm if anything around you even exists (or it’s just in your sole mind). Heavy stuff.

Now that we know what went down inside of Adrastea, there aren’t too many mysteries left. Kyouma managed to get Genesis and transport himself, the device, and his team to an unknown location – but only he returned. As for Seameyer, he’s still trapped in some kind of alternate possibility within dimension w – wanting to know how exactly Kyouma got out his time around. There’s also the question of Sophia, Loser’s wife, but that gets sorted out pretty quickly. She’s gone full Akira on us! What the hell is that kind of transformation? Is it Seameyer’s doing? Because he seemed to be pretty happy with it.

Don’t ask me where this is going to end. Maybe Kyouma will find his team. Maybe Salva will save his brother. Maybe Kyouma will speak with Miyabi again (as she’s totally just Mira, shhh). What I do know is, Loser has most likely lost.

Episode Score

Next time: “The Future Reached”

Dimension W - 11 - Endcard

Extra thoughts:
– Getting some serious human transmutation vibes here.
– Lots of information, very little resolution. A definite penultimate episode!
– Not nearly enough Mira in this episode. Mira score, 2/10.


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