Team Saya 01

That’s right. Clouded Anime is team Saya.

In this series, we’ll be highlighting the epic battle of Winter 2016 – the tsundere goddess Saya Endou versus drug addict Hotaru Shidare! Which one will take home the prize of a lifetime supply of Coconuts!

Team Saya - 01 - Coffe very day .gif

The competition shows itself…

Look at those crazy eyes. She’s been through some messed up stuff, you can tell.

Team Hotaru - 01 - 05

Hotaru comes bursting on to the scene looking to completely ruin poor Kokonotsu’s (Coconuts) life! He just wants to follow his dreams of drawing manga with cute girls in it. He doesn’t need a walking, talking anime trope┬ádisturbing his peaceful anime trope filled life! Hotaru’s plans are for completely selfish reasons as well. She needs Coconuts’ dad that badly for the sake of her father’s company that she’s willing to doom this boy to a mellow life in the country – forever to stay just down the street from the actual best girl? How dare she! Wait…

At the Endou Cafe…

Sometimes being genuinely thick-headed can be endearing, right Saya? We’ll gladly drink your delicious coffee every day, with all of the sugar you can give us! Tou might have some good advice to give, but it’s not worth listening if the result is avoiding these kinds of fantastic reactions.

The competition is fierce…

Woah there Hotaru! You must be an alien or something. How do you eat so much candy (and other dagashi) and hold up that unrealistic representation of women in media!? Perhaps she’s a robot. Not the super awesome Dimension W┬áMira kind of robot, but one that is obviously un-phased by her naked body being seen by her new acquaintance’s brother. Good thing Saya was close by to sort things out.

At the end of round one, it’s still all calm on the battlefield. Even in the most decisive of battles, enemies can come together for a moment of peace and hospitality. Of course in this case it’s Saya showing the hospitality, but it’s not like we’re counting or anything (we are).

Extra competition…

Tune in next time, as the battle of Saya v. Hotaru continues!



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