Dragon Ball Super 35

Moving right along after a week off, Vegeta gets his time to shine against bizarro-Frieza. The writing staff must be pretty taxed, creating all these gimmicky characters.

Dragon Ball Super - 35 - Vegeta Frost.gif

Vegeta made hilariously short work of Frost. I guess we can’t really get after the show-runners for dragging fights out. It’s mostly just everything between fights that gets dragged out in this series (it’s cheaper). I’m glad that Vegeta made Goku look like a complete tool by just handing it to Frost One Punch Man style. He didn’t even have to go super saiyan god. It was all that Frost really deserved though, as the original Freiza was pretty easily beaten by a brand new super saiyan. Frost was just smarter and, if possible, way more evil.

And after so much time, they finally addressed Goku’s disqualification from the tournament! Took Beerus long enough to look for the wound from Frost’s needle. If anything, this might salvage the strange path this tournament was taking towards the all-Vegeta show.

Frost continued to show his true colors, attempting to steal Champa’s rewards despite his loss. What did he have to lose, after being told they would be killed (essentially) for losing? But really, Hit is that Cooler guy’s name? The creativity just keeps flowing on this show. At least he seems to be pretty powerful – with little explanation and hilariously awkward animation. He likely wasn’t stopping Frost because of his moral compass, after admitting he wanted the cube as well. It’s a convenient device that could be used for all sorts of purposes. I’m not sure what the use of all the gold and jewels there were though. How could even a pile that big be valuable enough to mean anything on a universal scale? Bad guys will be bad (and stupid), I suppose.

As for the Robo-dude versus Vegeta fight, it’s just more gimmicks to pass the time. The saiyans are so unbelievably powerful now that the only way to put up a decent fight against them is some kind of trick. This robot’s tricks are being seemingly indestructible and hot lava. The deliberation that he was not cheating using the lava doesn’t make much sense, as he drank it from a cup as the match was starting. That seems like a less than natural ability – but perhaps its like if Goku had a ten bowls of noodles before starting a match (I feel like that’s already happened this season…).

What will we get going forward is a common question we ask ourselves at the end of every episode. Goku was trying to check out Monaka a little more, to no avail. Beerus and Whis seem to clearly know what’s up with Nipples over there, but we’re being kept out of the loop for likely some kind of comedic payoff. There’s no way it’s being set up to be epic. Should we be happy that we have no freaking idea what could happen next? I think I can settle with that for now. Let it surprise us with its lack of direction and creativity!

J-san’s thoughts:

“This looked like a Pokemon fight. The robot thing with its special moves, fighting in an arena, and Beerus versus Champa as the trainers. Frost getting straight up murdered out in the desert was cool though.”

Dragon Ball Super - 35 - Beerus vs Champa.gif

Episode Score
Cloudy: 6.5/10
J-san: 6/10

Next time!



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