Boku dake ga Inai Machi 11

Some people are held to this world by a single spider’s thread from heaven – or at least that’s what this episode wants to try and say! You probably guessed that Satoru survived, but how will he work his way back from such a disadvantage and beat Yashiro!?

I’m not sure if we really needed the hamster back-story from Yashiro. Don’t we already know he’s messed up, kidnapping and killing children? His connection to the short story The Spider’s Thread was a little strange. I really don’t think he understood the moral of it at all. His hamster that managed to escape drowning by standing atop the other dead hamsters was saved in his case. That’s a poor parallel by the fact that the hamster hadn’t really done anything right or wrong to be given a spider’s thread in the first place. The same can be said of Yashiro’s victims, whom he says all had a spider thread connected to them. None of them that we know of were particularly sinful with a single redeeming feature that required their saving – and even so, Yashiro would be just straight up cutting the thread in that analogy! Does that mean with Satoru’s survival, he manged to climb the thread, or something? Can’t really get after serial-killers for their logic though, can we.

We jump ahead again to the future (15 years, so Satoru would be 26) and find Satoru just waking up from quite the coma. Never in this kind of case will the person ever remember the attempted murderer’s face or name, or anything of importance. That would be too easy. It is interesting that he is narrating from the perspective of his young self still. Instead of a time-skip, this is definitely just the same Satoru from the young story line. That or he really is mixing up his sense of self, and time travel powers. He could even read words that he never learned as a kid.

This better not be how the timeline works out. Although most things seem to be in good order, I’m saying this because of my total bias regarding Kayo. Their meeting after 15 years was so unbearably bitter-sweet – baby in tow and all. She survived, started a family, and is truly happy, but as time travel stories go it’s the classic “that’s wrong!” moment we all feel when things work out but in a different direction. I don’t want to fall too hard on the cliche of ending up with your savior, but come on. She ends up with Hiromi, meaning she likely had to come back to town or some other circumstance where she probably would have gravitated toward Satoru (if he were less vegitative). They were just so cute together.

“I’m sure that what’s become of me was a result of something I wanted.”

Satoru is still quite the silver-tongued guy with the ladies – even if that is with Kayo or a young cancer patient. He always know just what to say to brighten somebody’s day. But you know who else likes young ladies (worst transition ever)? Yashiro, that’s who. He makes his return as the city councilor and veritably evil-faced self of the future timeline. Perhaps he’s just particularly interested in those struggling to survive, and might have a small hope that he can sever? If that’s the connection to the spider’s thread, it’s still a little messed up. Good thing it looks like Kenya and that reporter guy have been long on the case, and aren’t going to give up any time soon.

Even on the way to the roof, Yashiro is still treating Satoru as a child. It’s like an adventure. Except little does he know that Satoru has pretty much been an adult the whole time. The questions as to what version of himself Satoru currently is should really just be ‘adult self’, because that’s what he was when he went in to the coma. Yashiro is likely looking to take care of this possible loose end by what, tossing Satoru off the roof? He did bring his gloves, tapping his fingers on the wheelchair just as he did before attempting to murder Satoru the first time. Come on dude, you screwed up your own evil plan right there! With his memories back, how will Satoru fight off Yashiro on the rooftop?

My final question for this episode is – what will happen with the time travel element? We’re technically still in ‘the past’ from what I can tell. Although Satoru’s short rewinds always just caught up to present time and never skipped forward, the large leaps backwards had definite jumps forward. There’s gotta be a big time travel element come up in the solution to this whole story, and time is running out!

Boku dake ga Inai Machi - 11 - Crying Kayo.gif

Episode Score


Extra thoughts:
– Did they run out of animation budget so hard for that opening scene or what?
– The power of his favorite hero woke Satoru up.
– Kayo and Satoru will definitely be together. Time demands it!
– Great use of the questionable state of Satoru’s sense of self in this episode!


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