HaruChika 11

Kusakabe-sensei used to be the conductor of the Berlin Philharmonic. I have nothing else to say.

We keep getting closer to the actual band competition, yet it never arrives! Nor do they ever seem to be too concerned with practicing. But that’s not what this show is about after all – there has to be a mystery! This week we get the fox-lady-Moomin Makoto Yamanobe. I had to look up that reference to Moomin Valley and whatever a ‘Funaskin’ is. Apparently it’s a  series of books and a comic strip by Swedish-speaking Finnish illustrator and writer Tove Jansson, that was turned in to a popular animated show several times in Japan. Whatever it is, Akari was super in to it, and I kind of want to be too. This woman randomly shows up out of the blue and pretty much patronizes Serizawa and her musicality. What a “duel” they had too. And by that I mean Serizawa played a piano piece while Yamanobe just filled in chords on the melodica. Not much of a duel, but sure it was fun. Best of all, Chika had to buy the bread! What else are friends for?

Makoto Yamanobe poses a much bigger threat to Haru and Chika! She’s the closest thing we’ve seen to a reasonable love rival for their strange triangle with Kusakabe-sensei. They have a history, and she seems like a bit of a flirt as well. The relationship comes back to her being the grand-daughter of Kusakabe’s, now deceased, former teacher. They must have quite the history then!

And the true mystery of the episode is a missing key for a wildly valuable piano – the Bösendorfer of Makoto’s late grandfather. The will insists that he left knowledge of the key’s location with Makoto, but she has no recollection. Sounds like another job for our super-nosy mystery-solving brigade! Haru and Chika are definitely two sides of the same coin, both lying about there names when they got caught. Good thing Serizawa is always hanging around to set them straight. She really should just play with them, despite her hearing loss.

On that note, Makoto really tore in to Serizawa about giving up on being a professional, or at least having a hard time with it. Watching her hug that melodic was quite powerful.  Turns out they have a lot in common. Makoto has vision problems to the point that she can’t read music anymore, and it may deteriorate even further.

“Even if you performance returns to its previous level, compliments are always accompanied by ‘despite the loss of hearing’. Could you endure that scrutiny?”

HaruChika - 11 - Akari Eyes.gif

The only people to tell Makoto that she should give up on music when her vision began to fail were here grandfather, and Kusakabe-sensei. What an ass! No wonder she said he’s a lot nicer now. I know quite well how harsh the professional music world can be, first hand, but damn that’s cold. The solution to the mystery shows up once more in Haru’s observations (he’s got powers). The grip on the melodica had slightly differentiated raised dots that spelled out a message in braille. “I lost the key”. Damn old musicians, they can make people laugh forever – even the stoic Serizawa! And what’s more? The ivory keys from the Bösendorfer were removed and used for the clavietta that was given to Makoto. That does leave about 73 keys missing, but that’s obviously not important, right?

But wait, it’s not over yet. This is also a festival episode! Hurray for yukatas and festival food. Everyone looked super cute in their outfits, as expected of this rather visual bright and colourful show. We also get to hear about Serizawa’s condition, and that it’s improving! She has lost hearing in right ear completely, but her left ear will be back to normal without need for a hearing aid soon. The power of friendship prevails.

Episode Score

Next time: “Sympathy Triangle”

Extra thoughts:
– Those school uniforms must be awfully breezy.
– Don’t get lazy with the animation so close to the finish line!
– Every single character needs a depressing back-story.
– Akari Gotou is still the best.
– I could have taken a thousand screenshots of the festival.


One thought on “HaruChika 11

  1. vanquish September 21, 2016 / 3:48 pm

    what is the name of the song that they using when they are dueling?


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