Dimension W 10

The magical MacGuffin, or possible artifact of doom, makes its appearance this week. What is so special about this most powerful of all coils? More importantly, has Mira discovered love?

Mira shows off her acrobatic prowess in a fight against the strangest of defense robots yet. Her robotic mind and body definitely have their advantages, like calculating trajectories and taking over other powered-down robots. She would clearly do anything she can to protect Kyouma, musing on this as she flies towards her doom in the void and unable to stop herself. As long as she had protected Kyouma, her job as a robot was complete. How absurd, you piece of junk! She’s way more important than that. Her reaction to Kyouma saving her at the last moment, and an affectionate pat on the head, is a bit of a turning point for her character. Does Mira love Kyouma? Does she have more of Miyabi to her than we’ve been led to believe?

Dimension W - 10 - Mira love.gif

“Didn’t I tell you, robots don’t cry.”

As Kyouma’s memories slowly return, we keep getting bits more information about the Adrastea experiment. The fact that it was meant to be a transporter to space makes sense. Control of space is a much more logical way of thinking when it comes to moving large objects very far distances in little time – and in this universe, they already have control of another dimension. The black sphere that kept appearing is closely related, as the portal that could transport objects using dimension W. It had a little trouble with living creatures though. It must be that Seameyer controlling it, even possibly from within the void.

At the center of all of this is the very shiny ‘genesis’ coil. Although responsible for the ability to transport objects, and this giant disaster, its main powers are still largely unknown. That kind of danger never stops a bunch of crazy people from trying to get it though!

Lwai has gotten himself in to a bit of trouble, and the extent of his roboticism is revealed. He came under attack from the assasin K.K. – who¬†made quite a few moves this episode. He has an¬†interesting technique, implanting coils in people’s heads (including those whose souls were trapped in the void) and having them do his bidding. Yuri is the first casualty of this that we see, and acts as a body-guard for K.K. from then on.

Loser’s fight against Chrysler was pretty cool. They both use the numbers to augment their abilities. Sounds a bit dangerous, buy what I really want to know is how Chrysler got number 001? Even Loser only has numbers 7 & 8 in his arms. We also aren’t really told if the actual number has any value, but considering the power that Chrysler used to hold back Loser and his four coils, it might be implied that they do.

Kyouma and company continue towards ground zero, despite Loser having beaten them there to find nothing in the previous episode. The key to escaping or surviving the void that Kyouma might hold could allow him to find the genesis coil there, so it still kind of makes sense. K.K. attempts to stop the group with a number of traps and controlled people, including Kyouma’s old tech-support pal Doug! For some reason, despite all of the explanation, Kyouma still believes he can save him. That kind of jarred me a little, as Kyouma is usually pretty level-headed. That idea gets shot to pieces when he goes full nine-tails rage (sorry) after finding out Lwai had been killed. But before that, we got a little more info about Kyouma’s memories again. Really piecing this out as much as they can it seems. If he didn’t survive because of the genesis coil, what saved him?

The parallel between Miyabi and Mira as she jumps in to save Kyouma from himself could be the turning point for Kyouma in this series. He actually listened and took philosophical advice from a robot! He obviously thinks she’s cute, I mean her body was built to be Miyabi’s new vessel, but now he might actual think she’s alive. As for Lwai’s body, it seems to be more of a puppet than actual living thing. He has another one! And probably more. Is he just hooked up to a computer somewhere and living through an interface? He might even just be a brain in a jar. Kind of creepy.

Episode Score

Next time: “The Lost Genesis”

Dimension W - 10 - Endcard


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