No Dragon Ball Super this week (13/03)

Dragon Ball Super will be taking a break this week. Is it much needed, or well deserved? Not from outside observation! But we can all understand the plight of animators dealing with ongoing shows. So in its absence, we will be taking this week’s post to have a short discussion of where we are right now in the Dragon Ball universe.

I’m pretty sure that Toriyama and the other creative forces behind this show have just as little knowledge of where it could be heading than any of us watching might. Now, considering the history of the Dragon Ball franchise, how good or bad is this situation? Most incarnations of the franchise have been lining up a bad guy and waiting 40-50 episodes to see how they eventually die, with almost nothing in-between being of much relevance. Perhaps this is a good direction for the show? That might be a valid argument, if the current story arc was also any good. I know Dragon Ball has never been very grounded in realism, but they’ve gone full multi-verse on us here. The dragon balls themselves are planet sized.

It’s as if the writers understand that the characters have gotten so unreasonably powerful and boring that they enjoy going back to the classics, but can’t resist going all-insane. They’ve actually made it unreasonable to go back to the classic powers and fights, considering inter-universal travel and corralling dragon balls the size of planets literally takes the power of gods. And once the fighters have god powers, there’s very little logic behind rolling that back. I’m usually not a fan of the slippery-slope argument, but in this case they’ve constructed an 89 degree bobsled course and threw the dragon balls down it.

There’s still hope, though. There’s always hope! The fights still prove occasionally entertaining, and we’ve grown to know these characters so well. More Bulma could be a real improvement as well, beyond that spectacularly useless side episode where her and Jaco find out everything they already knew. It seems the creative staff might be afraid of treading too much new ground – as in focusing around new characters or pushing younger characters in to the main roles. We’ve already discussed the issues behind Gohan’s treatment. Would the fan-base get too upset at such an upset to the story of Goku v Vegeta?

Let’s hear from J-san,

It’s mostly a disappointment so far. It’s OK. But it’s also just so shiny and kidy, and there are some real problems that will be hard for them to deal with. Goku and Vegeta are just so powerful that all of the other characters are useless. They have to go to a different universe to find people who match them, and even in some of those cases it’s just a big joke – a bear, a robot, nipples dude. The fight with Piccolo was cool, but they just took the same animation of him charging the beam and copy-pasted it all over the place. I remember back even in the Cell saga, Krillin was fighting people and it still kind of worked. By the time it got to the end of Buu, it had probably gone too far.

We won’t even get in to the production problems…

Again, Next time on Dragon Ball Super!



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