Boku dake ga Inai Machi 10

Do we finally know the truth behind the abductions? Satoru better be ready to face his greatest challenge yet, and not get too distracted by the lives he’s saving so that he can save his own!

Boku dake ga Inai Machi - 10 - Spirit.gif

Now that’s the face of a guy facing a formidable opponent. Aya Nakanishi really beat every one of the boys in to submission. Girls do mature faster, but even the cool Kenya was completely destroyed. She was reading King Lear, I mean come on! It was just such a glorious scene of awkward attempts at making new friends around that age. Way to go Kazu for standing up in the name of man’s adventurous spirit! Ok, yeah, they’re all weirdos.

But everyone’s a weirdo in their own way, and Aya shows up to the secret hideout the next day! I’m not sure if this is trying to teach us that a little confidence goes a long way, or that plot requires some convenience, but either way it’s a win for Kazu. Their connection seems to be the saving grace for Aya, bringing her in to the protection of the group that Hiromi also benefits from. As this obviously impacts the path of the killer, we can’t really be sure who they might actually target now that the original victims are in safer spaces. I find it quite convenient as well that Satoru uses Yashiro-sensei’s candy as a metaphor in relation to the killer’s dilemma. The answer to this is either super obvious, or completely unknown at this point.

Although ‘playing detective’ did start as a case against people being abducted, Satoru is really leading the charge for making the world a friendlier place. He’s brought his perspective as a 29 year old to elementary school and has the memory of not doing enough to save people when he was younger. Well, he’s getting that chance, and he knows that no matter what someone might be like on the outside, they’re worth saving. Think of how many young kids would be saved from bullying or depression if this kind of play detective club existed all over the place. Kids can be cruel, but there’s always a light of hope shining somewhere, in somebody. Even someone like Misato Yanagihara deserves saving. Satoru is getting a little too trusting of everyone around him though, especially bringing the occasionally suspicious Yashiro-sensei in on the cause. I know you want him to be your new dad, but keep it among the kids, kid!

“I wanted to fill the whole in the heart. Other people’s and my own.”


The tapping on the wheel of the car. The gloves. The jacket. All of the moments put together. It really was the obvious answer. It almost disappoints me a little, but Yashiro-sensei also did a great job at misdirecting the suspicion each time he was pretty much caught red-handed. The fact that Satoru grew to respect him so much is what really destroyed him. It’s what really beat him. There are so many parallels between their characters as well. The discussion about using Misato as bait was perfectly mirrored between the two of them – showing how alike they really are.

So both Yashiro and Satoru’s mom were on the suspect list from the reporter. That’s one way to draw attention away from its legitimacy.  It’s a good lesson not to let one bad piece of data distract you from everything else. But the real question is how we’re going to move forward from here. Is Satoru dead? My prediction is that what Yashiro heard right before the car plunged in to the lake might be enough for him to actually jump in and save him. It’s a powerful tool to know the future, and he knew something weird was going on with this kid. Every single one of your attempts was foiled from the shadows? There must be something bigger going on. It just depends how sci-fi this show wants to get.

Boku dake ga Inai Machi - 10 - Time.gif

Episode Score

Extra thoughts:
– Don’t make him look even more like a girl!
– Misato clearly didn’t leave that bathroom. Are you an idiot Satoru?
– Great reveal on the evil face there – if only it weren’t so expected.
– The only way to make that a bigger cliff-hanger was to hang that car off an actual cliff.




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