HaruChika 10

A Tibetan Mastiff takes the spotlight this week away from the band music competition. And here I was thinking that we would finally get some full-on band action! Oh, and Kusakabe-sensei might be Batman. Why else are reporters so interested in him?

It seems just like Chika to dive in and save a kid falling from a building. Not sure why she wouldn’t want to take the credit for it, but it makes for a great headline. But wait, it’s the day of the district competition? I would say “so soon?” but it’s already episode 10! It just doesn’t feel like there’s been much band music going on, to the point that we haven’t even really heard what the school’s band even sounds like. I hope they’re good! Too bad Chika twisted her wrist – a somewhat essential component to playing the flute.

‘Playing in this area is not allowed’ – a very common phrase heard at festivals.

The pre-competition banter between the whole gang was really enjoyable. They’ve really gotten used to each other, which is bound to happen easily in a band setting. The ways they have fun with Chika, talk of possible relationships, and again, tease Chika are all just so spot on. When you feel that someone is acting slightly out of character, and it’s entertaining, you know that they’ve actually developed that character specifically for that kind of moment. Serizawa doesn’t just hold clarinets dramatically!

“It would’ve been nice if she had hit her head and become a flute genius.” – Katagiri
“Yeah, I wished for that as well.” – Serizawa

The other schools we’ve heard all sound great, but that’s once again the thing to expect from this kind of show. It’s really difficult to get a recording of an actual school band or lesser than professional recorded performance (and do we really want to hear that anyway?). Shame on those other kids for judging the newcomers. You tell them Chika!

We get a little bit of history on Kusakabe-sensei from the shifty reporter. We already kind of knew a few of these things, but the attention he’s getting is interesting. The press seems pretty interested in the even as a whole, and it’s clearly to see Kusakabe-sensei. He was the up-and-coming conductor of the classical music world, but gave it all up and disappeared without a word. And where does he show up but a simple B-division school band contest. It would be quite the story. This guy is kind of selling it more along the lines of Kusakabe-sensei trying to drum up intrigue and fame through powering a low-grade band to stardom. This will likely happen, considering the genre – but there is always a chance that they fall flat in a higher competition and have to try again next year.

Now about this dog distracting us from the musical plot of the episode (and series as a whole maybe finally coming to the front). That’s one big dog, and Haru has a wonderfully strange affection for it. It looks like it would be a good hug, but I approach those dogs much more like Chika does. The search for its true owner leads to a classic ‘kill the impostor’ kind of dilemma.

Haruchika - 10 - Midcard

Now, which one do you kill? Oh wait, not that far. But which one is telling the truth, and who’s the giant ***hole. All signs pointed towards the adult. Kids can be devious sometimes, but come on. And what’s this? Kusakabe-sensei shows up at the most magically random times and places. He has a real gift if he wanted to be Batman. The way that our student investigators actually came to the answer was rather roundabout and strange, but it was enough to scare off the creeper trying to steal a fancy dog. Somehow, the whole ordeal also managed to greatly impact this little girl’s personal life too. Does everything need to have a big emotional backing for it to be a good mystery?

As for where the show is going forward from here, I hope we hear some band performances. They’ve been saving up the recording budget, let’s hope they really broke the bank in the upcoming episodes. Comparable bandime Hibike! Euphonium really gave a lot of snippets of band action, but it didn’t also have a secondary aspect to its show type. Kumiko wasn’t solving mysteries. She just played the euphonium.

Haruchika - 10 - Cute Sandwich short.gif

Episode Score

Next time: “Valley of Eden”

Extra thoughts:
– Chika is a cat person, obviously.
– Was that a shot at gay men being forever alone? There are other gay men out there.
– They were totally petting Akari Gotou. I mean, who wouldn’t?
– So many Chika close-ups. I tried to abstain.



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