Dragon Ball Super 34

Some interesting interpretations of the rules in this tournament make for a tense situation on both sides. And if your name is a cold pun, you’re probably a cold, cold person.

Well, Goku lost, and although under rather unbelievable circumstances, everyone is just rolling with it. That Frost guy sure is nice and all, considering how he declared Goku the true winner, even in defeat. Even before I knew the twist of this episode, he was just being so overly nice-guy to the max that it was almost sickening. Chi-chi really bolted in to action to check on her possibly dead husband. With a defeat of that fashion, she would be in her right mind to think he had another heart problem. The reality isn’t quite so serious for Goku’s health, as he stands up and brushes it off like it were nothing. Beerus definitely isn’t happy, and is way more pissed to hear Goku looking forward to his ‘next fight’ with Frost. Such an honorable guy, that Goku. How has he survived this long? Oh, minus the several deaths he’s had resulting from that giant character flaw!

Good thing our best, most spectacular fighter is up ne- oh it’s Piccolo. He hasn’t been very practical in one of these kinds of battles for years. I understand that he powered up considerably after the Frieza saga, even to the point that he could probably beat Frieza now. In fact, why is he even questioning his capabilities in this fight? It’s just alternate-universe Frieza! You got this green man.


The actual fight of Piccolo v Frost was pretty interesting. Piccolo is known for thinking things through a lot better than the other characters, and that actually led to some dynamic and unexpected turns of intelligence during the fight. Sure they were going super-spead and using lasers, but it was also a kind of battle of wits. Piccolo finally gets the upper hand (or arm), but as we find out, Frost was clearly more prepared in his strategy.

And that strategy was cheating! Who would have thought from a guy with a cold pun for a name. They just can’t be good guys in any universe it seems. Both Piccolo and Goku fell to a small needle-like implant in Frost’s arm, that the referee definitively deemed illegal. This guy might be even more evil than Frieza, considering the conniving side of him. Frieza just straight up destroyed stuff, but Frost is like a shady businessman, screwing the universe from behind as he takes all the glory up front. Champa seemed hesitant about his character for about five seconds, questioning Vados, but seemed happy to jump back on the Frosty bandwagon moments later.

The real question is, why did the ref consider Piccolo’s defeat to be nullified, but not Goku’s? I realize it’s a bit of a moot point after Vegeta steps in to just disqualify all of his other team-mates that he can in one fell swoop. But why did they not say Goku was reinstated as well? It’s just like Vegeta to be bored and want to get to his turn. He even wants to keep Frost in, likely as a grudge match against a Frieza look-a-like. Dude, you already killed Frieza! He just can’t get enough it seems. That’s cool Vegeta, you do you. But doing you usually screws things up somewhere. Perhaps this tournament is more of a redemption for him than anything else. At least he’ll handily beat Frost and move on to the cool new little Saiyan.

All things considered though, this was a pretty decent episode. It had fighting, classic moves, strategy, and an interesting plot twist. I think Dragon Ball Super had a stroke or something. Looking forward, how long is this arc going to be? Pretty damn short from the looks of it. All but two fighters are down on the 7th universe team. I know they managed to drag fights against one person out for like 90 episodes in Dragon Ball Z, but we’re not really getting that vibe here.  If it can keep making at least semi-interesting plot twists like this episode, I’m still quite hopeful for the future.

J-san’s thoughts:

“You know, that wasn’t even bad. I’m kind of pleased with that. Dear god, what’s happening?”

Episode Score
Cloudy: 7/10
J-san: 6/10

Next time! “Turn Anger in to Power: Vegeta’s All-Out Battle!”

Extra thoughts:
– Who did they get to draw Piccolo’s face? Or really any face.
– We thought there weren’t too many possible cold puns left. We proved ourselves wrong.
– I’m so glad that Frieza’s voice actor got more opportunities to do the hilariously evil gig.


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