Dimension W 09

Kyouma travels through his, and other’s, memories by way of dimension W. Do we finally get a real, over-arching antagonist for everyone to unify against? It seems unlikely Loser will be teaming up with anyone, but the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Loser confronts Kyouma off the top of the episode, and all looks fair and even until Loser reveals several ‘numbers’ and the fact that he invented energy shield technology. He is the polar opposite to Kyouma’s coil abstinence. The area cut-out by Loser’s abilities to stop Kyouma’s progression really paints a formidable picture. As in, he can kick some ass if need be. Not as if he will need to right now though! The black sphere appears, and once again is referred to as being self-aware. Kyouma seems to have encountered it before as well, and oddly reaches out to it – incapacitating himself in the process.

This allows for a well-timed flashback! There’s been a lot of missing information in this show that has consistently been hinted at. We get a few training shots of Kyouma and Albert before heading over to Isla. The country gets caught up in a military coup over the use of the coil power plant – an issue that makes little sense with the explanations provided so far. Sure, it’s corporate and regulated, but it’s also essentially infinite energy. I’m not even sure how they were charging for such a service if supply is infinite.

Somehow, Salve is granted all the power he needs to quell the coup, with little explanation. In his conquering state, even as he tries to hold back his weird evil side, he accidentally fires at his brother Lwai – severely injuring him in the process. At least now we know where that mostly robotic body necessity came from, and why Salva seems so protective of him! He obviously hasn’t much learned his lesson though, continuing on his conquest for power.

I figured Salva wasn’t really the ‘bad guy’ or antagonist of this show. Now we’ve been introduced to Haruka Seameyer – top student of professor Yurizaki. It’s always the best of the scientists that go crazy, isn’t it? They can’t just be good at what they do, and be good I suppose. Perhaps if they weren’t being controlled so closely by corporate greed, and exposed to the worst possible results of their research, they would turn out just fine! Well ok, that last part is bound to happen either way. This Seameyer guy seems to be quite the trouble-maker though. Starting wars is quite the step up from jaded scientist.

And for a moment, I thought we were introducing more new characters this far in to the season. That is until I quickly realized we were looking at Loser before the face-melting or whatever happened to him. It makes sense that he was a talented scientist at New Tesla as well, considering the things he knows. Why is he so good at being a super thief and acrobatics though? Probably wasn’t part of the job requirement.

We also get a bit of Kyouma and Albert’s past as members of the elite operative force Grendel. They went in to help secure plant 60 for Isla and encountered Seameyer for the first time. Also seen are the effects of an exploded coil on a person, distorting dimension W in to some strange human-based modern art. I’m sure Kyouma had his doubts about coils at this point, but it was just a job still. We need to find out what happened at Adrastea to really understand both Loser’s and Kyouma’s pasts.


The issue of government (or corporate) control of scientific research that Haruka Seameyer brings up is pretty important. Well, it becomes an important issue when research is being stifled or guided ingeniously by a higher power to serve an immoral purpose. In this case, maintaining the status quo of the industry. This is something that happens quite a lot in our world. Oil companies and banks with currently profitable markets would much rather maintain the status quo instead of progressing in to an possibly financially unsafe future. Governments can be the same (re; conservatism). I hope I’m not upsetting anyone’s ideological beliefs here, but you really can’t deny these kinds of actions. Most people would rather stay in a place of security then put it all on red and hope for the best. It’s definitely not that simple, but it’s most of the backbone of politics and the free market in the modern world – safety and predictability, or advancement and risk. New Tesla energy is acting in its best interest in this case of keeping coil research where it is. If any damaging evidence were to be found and made public about the use or safety of dimension W, that would be the end of their company. It’s best for them to just keep it where it is and not dig deeper, even if it is putting the public at risk.

Loser seems to be lacking something needed to continue his plan. Why he came all the way here not knowing that was a little strange. It was also cool that there was just nothingness inside the giant door. What key could Kyouma possibly hold to unlocking that nothingness, and possibly getting back Loser- I mean Julian’s wife.


A lot of strange things happen in Kyouma’s memory sequence, in that it’s really happening! It’s more like when there were the split possibilities of the murder-mystery arc, but a little more focused. He is actually experiencing the essence of dimension W. Dropping in to Salva’s memories really freaks him out, and Seameyer appears as a manifestation of the black sphere. Has Seameyer advanced so far in his research that he can exist in dimension W? He seems to want the key that Kyouma supposedly holds to get out of the nothingness. What, having a problem with your new form of existence Seameyer? Too bad!

It is finally clarified why Mira is so connected to Miyabi. Her body was designed and built to fit Miyabi. If that doesn’t weird out Kyouma, I can’t imagine what would. I’m still a little sceptical that Mira isn’t just actually Miyabi minus the memories. Would that still be her though? It would be all the mannerisms and personality, but missing a lot of vital information. Either way, she’s still amazing! We all wonder what Kyouma is really thinking when he looks at you, Mira.

Next time: “Resurrected Nightmare” 

Dimension W - 09 - Next time


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