Boku dake ga Inai Machi 09

Satoru’s heroic efforts just can’t end in tragedy. Has his mother and Yashiro-sensei’s planning paid off as well? Just don’t forget, there are more victims in this case than just Hinazuki Kayo.

Now that was a well constructed confrontation. Sachiko knew just how to draw out every single facet of Ms. Hinazuki’s dark side. Kayo’s mom even got so riled up that she was willing to straight up murder right in front of her daughter. I don’t know what Satoru’s mom was thinking in that moment, nearly taking a shovel to the face. Was she willing to go that far just to prove her point, or was she completely surprised by that? I’m also interested to see if she has a scar or any mark from that event noticeable in the future.

The setup to have the child services people there during this confrontation worked pretty well. Even they were taken aback by Ms. Hinazuki’s problematic demeanor. She wouldn’t dare submit to being questioned by them, and knew that her daughter being missing for three days poses a problem to them as well. Fortunately Yashiro-sensei was well prepared for the situation, and he brought the trump card – Kayo’s grandmother.

The short backstory that we got about Ms. Hinazuki was pretty close to being worth feeling bad for her, but both Satoru and Kayo weren’t convinced. The tears as she hugged her mom were definitely in self-pity, which is a pretty big step to fixing the problem. It just took remembering her own history and how Kayo helped her through an abusive relationship to realize that abusing Kayo was wrong. And with that, we seem to have the conclusion to the Hinazuki arc of the story. Kayo is going to a far off place with her grandmother, and shouldn’t be at the mercy of the local killer. Satoru looking up to Yashiro-sensei was a great moment. He really worked the hero role from the shadows on this one, although I’m still slightly suspicious of him.

The bigger question here is what will happen to Satoru and Kayo’s super cute relationship. They’re definitely so young that it would be unlikely to last any reasonable length of time, let alone in to the future, but it still would have been nice for them to be long time friends! It’s so bittersweet that she’ll be “making her own mark” but Satoru won’t be a part of it. I moved around a bit when I was younger, and although I had really great friends that I left behind, I can barely remember most of them. I definitely haven’t kept in contact with anyone from my elementary school days (even high school barely).

“Your heroic efforts just couldn’t end in tragedy.” – Yashiro sensei

Satoru turns to the stalking method to save the next possible victim, Aya Nakanishi. He clearly has a tougher case with this one, in that he doesn’t even attend the same school as her. It is also suspicious that she spends a lot of time with our non-killer Yuuki. He’s pretty popular with the young ladies (and Satoru) for some reason. Following Aya to figure out her schedule is pretty creepy, but I suppose it’s for the best of causes. More of a private investigator in a kid’s body? Satoru got some pretty good advice from his mom, in that he should just ask her to be friends. That has a certain element of risk, but it could also be the easiest way. If she said no, you could still creepily investigate. You’re already going with that path Satoru!

Satoru’s stalking is thwarted by his mother, but it lead to a great scene with Yashiro-sensei driving them home. It’s totally the kind of conversation a kid would bring up. Why aren’t you married? It was a total set-up though. Satoru definitely wanted to gauge if Yashiro-sensei would hook up with his mom. Kind of weird, but after the previous scenes and the things that were done to help Kayo, it’s completely reasonable to want a father figure like that. The actual reasons behind him being single and timid could be sinister or innocent, but this show just paints those possibilities so well that we can only imagine the truth. It would be interesting for Satoru to return to the future and have a new dad!

The amazing twist red-flag of this week got me again. I really shouldn’t be so trusting of my initial reactions to what seem like obviously clear conclusions. When all of that candy fell out of his glove compartment, I practically yelled “HE’S A KIDNAPPER”, but even it had a relatively believable excuse. Most people who quit smoking quickly replace it with a lesser habit to ween themselves appropriately. It’s completely normal, but I’m still very suspicious of Yashiro-sensei. I just can’t get behind a certain villain in this show for sure. Too many false flags to throw us off the trail. I think my heart would explode out of my chest in some of the situations Satoru has been put through.

Kenya is as perceptive as always. He just wants to be a hero too. Or perhaps he still thinks something is odd about Satoru, the time traveling super-being. I’m not quite sure how Kenya only thinks that the circumstances Satoru has thought up are only 1% probable. Did you see what was in that backpack? It was the most suspicious collection of goods they had probably ever seen together. It is a little more far-fetched than his reasoning for helping Kayo. She was being abused, and it was pretty obvious to a number of people around her. This is quite different.

Things got a little strange with Hiromi and his (yes, his) interactions with Satoru. He’s being protected because the killer mistakes him for a girl, perhaps. And of course after the explanation, Hiromi doesn’t seem to be suspicious of himself being at risk. If Satoru had mentioned that, it would have been a much more hilariously far-out concept (although not really). That shot of the mean girl getting up and leaving the class at the end was super ominous. What’s her deal?

Boku dake ga Inai Machi - 09 - 61

Now where is this show heading in to the future? It seems like a straight-up detective story at this point. The sheer number of false flags really keeps the pace up, but it’s also the areas that slow down that really intrigue me. It’s just so good at building this world and its connections to each character. A couple weeks ago I was hoping we would return to the past as soon as possible to save Kayo, but now I’m really wanting to see what has become of the new future! Does he know Kayo in the future now? Satoru has changed quite a bit with what he’s done now. For all he knows, the future he returns to could be drastically different, with missing memories – or the butterfly effect.


P.S. – Hiromi is a guy




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