HaruChika 09

Kusakabe-sensei is in a bind this week. He’s been working too hard! Well of course he has, dealing with the things his kids get up to every week. Oh, and another gig has come up that he feels obliged to take? I still blame Haru & Chika.

Kusakabe-sensei is down! Nothing too serious it seems, as he had been overworking himself in order to help out a friend and a band in need. If I were a band teacher in that situation, and a rival competitive school desperately needed someone to supervise or direct, I would help out. It’s a good thing to do for the betterment of music education, and it’s at no fault of the students who would be left behind.

The mystery this week is why the gorilla (a rather derogatory nickname for Fujigasaki-high’s Sakai-sensei) has been suspended from his duties. Haru is happy to pick up another case, and extremely happy at the thought of ‘saving’ his precious Kusakabe-sensei. So naturally, Chika jumps in too. They are kind of painting her as the less useful, dumb sidekick to Haru in a lot of these cases. It’s kind of mean, but kind of accurate. More importantly, her usefulness seems to shine through in less conventional ways – especially when having to be personable or deal with emotions. See the case of Serizawa and the hearing cups. She definitely has energy!

They’re really playing up the class warfare in the visit to the ‘rich school’. Chika loves the way the chimes sound, the girls have manicures, and there’s even air conditioning! Oh but it broke down last week, and it got so humid the school store sold out of face towels. Oh the humanity. Not to mention they have a large, talented band that seems quite competitive. Money does help a music department.

After meeting the student teacher, Ogawara, Haru goes right for the affair angle. I was a little suspicious about her story and the fact that she was one of Sakai-sensei’s past students. Now that she’s a little older, matured greatly after dropping out of high school, and come to learn under him as a teacher – it’s the perfect setup for a romance. That would be a bad situation for a student teacher and their placement, but they could just wait a few months until she finishes her placement and they’re in the clear. It would be enough for a suspension, probably, but is apparently not the case here.

The problem seems to be a class peeping-Tom. Haru was pretty quick to figure out the tactics used, which is kind of (unintentionally) hilarious because of his current disposition. So was Sakai-sensei trying to figure out who was peeping on the class leader and got caught in the wrong place at the wrong time? Seems like an easy misunderstanding.

Haruchika - 09 - 38b Mid-card

The case is a little more complicated than that. Sakai-sensei was suspended for defending ‘Asmodeus’, the demon of lust. He used the seating chart arrangements to figure out who it could be by process of elimination, and came upon a female peeping-Tom! They had quite the setup too, with an infra-red camera to see through light clothing (and probably up skirts).

This Asmodeus turned from peeping jerk in to full on crazy person with the realization that she was blackmailing Sakai-sensei with a picture of his student teacher. Does the tattoo on her back signify being a former gang member? That would be pretty problematic news for the school employing her if she had been convicted of any crimes and failed to mention them. It’s completely understandable that Sakai-sensei would take the suspension over ruining his now turned-around student’s life.

I’m glad Kusakabe-sensei is calling it like it is! Those kids are out-and-out meddlers. Sometimes it works out for the best, but this was another one of the times I’m not quite sure. Ogawara must have confronted the two students she mentioned, Asmodeus and the class leader, and resolved the situation with Sakai-sensei’s suspension in some way. Did she get fired? If so, how could a future spot being open there be of any use to her. She could get kicked out of school entirely. It’s kind of another issue like last week’s where the full consequences aren’t really realized by the main cast. It must be tough being Kusakabe-sensei, dealing with them. No wonder he was so tired out!

Next time: ‘The Jabberwock’s License’


Random thoughts:
– Kusakabe-sensei seemed to know the whole time what was up…
– Chika liked the other school’s uniforms a lot. Sure, they were cute, but the one she wears is practically designed to show off her belly button! I guess it just doesn’t have enough plaid and frills?
– Ok, I did like the darker coloring and tints on the Fujigasaki’s uniforms…
– Don’t these kids need to PRACTICE MORE!?



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