Dragon Ball Super 33

The tournament is underway! Goku is first up in the fight against the sixth universe. It’s time to find out a little bit more about these new enemies and their abilities.


A few new things showed up in the opening this week, including the 30th anime anniversary of Dragon Ball title and the new enemies! The little montage of them is so amazingly well animated that it kind of depresses me (re; all of us). It also hints at the importance of our Cooler-like character with his rather menacing disposition and that he’s last in the order. Can’t wait to see the new Saiyan battle. I bet he’s going to get matched up against Vegeta!

The fight with Botamo was pretty lame, as was expected. The first fight is never serious, and tends to act as a warm-up to what comes later. In this case we get bloated Goku versus a giant golden bear that really has no actual strenght. He’s just heavy and any damage he takes is transferred to another dimension. What? That’s a crazy ability, but hilariously flawed. Even Goku is smart enough to just pick him up and toss him out of the ring, and this is Goku level of intelligence we’re talking about!

Champa throughout this episode also seems to know very little about his own fighters. Nor has he done much research on the fighters of the seventh universe (am I getting that right?). He thought he knew what Goku’s abilities were just by seeing him for five minutes the other day? And now Champa thinks he’s cheating because it wasn’t exactly as perceived in that moment. Both of the Gods of Destruction are pretty sore losers though. They’re definitely family.

On to the real match of this episode. Goku versus Frost. The cold-related puns continue! We kind of thought they would run out of those eventually, but through some brainstorming determined that they’re near infinite. If that other new guy is Frost’s brother a-la-Cooler, what could his name be? The fight itself was pretty well choreographed, with slightly better quality than the fight earlier in the episode. They’ve got a lot of Frieza material to work with from the past though, so there’s that shortcut to remember.

Frost’s whole bizzaro-Frieza deal was interesting. He seemed to be a benevolent warrior committed to ending all conflicts, and is super popular among the people of his universe. Too bad Goku isn’t that famous in his universe! It seems that Frost has a deal with Champa to help end conflicts if he were to win a match in this tournament. Ah, the classic rooting for the bad guy dilemma. It is nice to have an enemy that isn’t just straight up evil for once, but the exact opposite is also pretty cliche. We’ll have to see what Cooler 2.0 is thinking before judging Champa’s universe too quickly.

I think the Super Saiyan transformation this episode, although hilariously rushed, proves again that the classic looks way better than the new god modes. The aura looks almost hand-drawn and fits the style so well, compared to that over the top CGI. The animators probably realize this as well. People want to see the classics working, and a new batch of baddies to re-power against is the best way to do it. Nobody knows each other’s strengths yet. But that doesn’t mean they’re just going to power up for 20 episodes either. Goku knows what Frieza’s final form looks like, and doesn’t want to have to wait through all of the BS. Cooler-dude seemed rather unimpressed through all of the fighting so far. Most of the times his eyes were closed or he just looked angry.

But suddenly, Goku’s done!? What happened to him? Did he have another heart problem, or was there actually something that Frost was doing that got to Goku. That would be quite an impressive invisible ability that doesn’t seem to be detectable. Although I would have liked to see Goku kick butt for a while longer, and perhaps go to Super Saiyan 3 at least, it will be nice to see some other fighters get some screen time again.

Looking forward, it looks like the tournament setup really is just the winner moves on style. I’m definitely liking that, but it also makes it a little predictable. We’ll have to see what Piccolo can get up to next week with his classics! Makankōsappō!

J-san`s thoughts:

“People are going to be losing their minds that Goku lost legitimately, maybe. They’re going to write in and complain and get the episode rewritten and why the f*** can’t Gohan just be strong again! Damnit.”

I definitely agree on that last point. Gohan was being set up in the Dragon Ball manga to take over as the new main character, as they wrote Goku out when he died for real in the Cell saga. Thanks to a large fan backlash, Goku was brought back to life again and the rules for how that works were changed to accommodate. I would have been a fan of Gohan taking over as the new badass. His Cell fight was crazy, and it really set him up to be a super cool character. He was even pretty good after the time skip to the Buu saga, with Saiya-man and all. Now he’s not even involved.

Next time on Dragon Ball Super!



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