Dimension W 08

The journey across Easter Island is a perilous one. Everything from old defense robots to stopped people are coming back to life after the arrival of the collectors. Good thing Kyouma has his V10 to power through the nothingness!

Kyouma and Mira’s arrival on Easter Island, crazy car and all, seemed to go as planned. Can’t say the same for the rest of the collectors. But first, we need some backstory on Salva and Lwai before we find out what really happened to them. Salva was kind of cute growing up, but clearly has been set in his ways of unwavering determination and independence for a very long time. It makes complete sense that he was an adopted child, considering how he treats his little brother and heir to the throne. I suppose the best way to stay in power is to be their greatest friend and adviser – or the old iron fist from the shadows approach. I also couldn’t help but notice that the tower being built in the background took a very long time to complete. It’s both kind of realistic and not so believable in the age of crazy dimension power tech.

Well the plane definitely did crash and sink – but it was also full of some of the most skilled and resourceful individuals the world could produce. Seems reasonable that the ones who were conscious should escape fairly easily. As for Salva himself, we can’t really be sure if he’s going to wake up after his encounter with the energy sphere on the bridge.

Loser and Elizabeth managed pretty well in their escape too. She can fly after all! Loser kind of points out a few more bits about the nothingness. It seems to be concentrated in pockets, and still pretty ambiguous in its meaning and origins. Will Loser have trouble with all his tech in it? He seems to be pretty well made of metal and wires. Also, is Elizabeth actually blonde? The little flash-back seems to have that be the case, if it is her we see. I was sure she had brown hair in an earlier episode. As for the nothingness, all I can ever think of is the Never Ending Story‘s amorphous evil.

How did Lwai and company get Salva’s message to broadcast across that crazy island to a bunch of tech that was likely not even connected to anything? The future sure is a crazy place. And his contingency was clearly well reasoned, considering the circumstances. It’s a good thing everyone could hear that the game is still afoot! That includes the mole people, Harry & Debbie Eastriver. They were the true stars of this episode. Actually, there was a good ensemble cast appearance overall this week. Lots of Cassidy, Chrysler, K.K. and the Loser family to fill out the screen time.

As everything seems to be coming back to life in this episode, we get a lot of action scenes. The defense robots are pretty cool, because their just overpowered enough that even these crazy weirdos have a bit of a hard time with them. Yuri seems to make the worst case though, somehow surviving his battle where he’s just straight up standing there with a mini-gun.

Kyouma’s treatment of Mira is kind of getting cuter, and being seen as less abusive perhaps. It’s more of an endearment now than she first realized, or is that really bad? He doesn’t really mean it when he calls her a piece of junk – her capabilities are clearly amazing to him, but it’s a hard thing to admit (that and he probably loves her). The bit with the flash bang and her eyes was probably my favorite. A little harder to analyze are the moments in the tunnel leading to the nothingness. She was clearly afraid of dying once again, but Kyouma pretty much ignores it. I think he’s probably having a hard time comprehending it himself. “You have too many superflous features” is an interesting comment. Does he think she should just stick to being a machine to be used and perform perfectly, or is this his way of expressing his concern for her. If she didn’t have these features, she wouldn’t be so troubled by thoughts of existence.

The next episode looks like it could have quite the action between our duo and Loser. I can’t wait to finally see him fight Kyouma again for real, and see the insanity that ensues! It will be nice to eventually figure out what everyone’s motivations are in this scenario though. What is Loser really after here? It’s a little clearer that Kyouma has significant history here and just hates coils in general, but Loser’s story seems to be the real intrigue going on in this series so far.

I’m still excited to see where the series goes as a whole. The characters may not be too deep or developed still at this point, but their interactions are definitely great to watch. Mira is definitely going down as one of the best characters of this season. For being a robot, her reactions to every situation and line that Kyouma throws at her are just perfect. Can’t wait for next week as per usual!

Next time: The Key to Adrastea

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