Boku dake ga Inai Machi 08

How far would you go to change one person’s life for the better? Sometimes you don’t need to do much at all to make a powerful impact.

Right back in to the thick of things after last week’s crazy cliff-hanger, and what do we get? A tease. The supposed killer walks in and kicks a box to see if anyone’s sleeping in there? Dude, you could at least check the entire trailer, it’s not that big. Behind the curtain at least. It would be pretty drastic for this show to come to a head in episode 8. So keep up the intense rug-pulls, as long as they’re actually satisfying!

Moms are so perceptive – even when their kid has the mind of a 29 year old trapped inside of them. She totally knew to pack a bento for Kayo. The teacher seems to be pretty perceptive as well. But hey, so am I sometimes. That coat Yashiro sensei was wearing to the Hinazuki household looks pretty similar to the style of the person’s who came to the trailer in the opening scene. Could that have been Yashiro sensei checking to be sure that Kayo was indeed safe? Did he get mad that she was hidden away without his knowledge, making it tougher for him to protect her, or the exact opposite? It is good to see child protective services of some kind looking in to the case and doing something about it.

So the backpack left in the trailer was filled with abduction aiding equipment? Oh dear, that would be pretty bad if it was Yashiro sensei. As a bigger problem, Satoru finally seems to realize that this whole thing doesn’t just end after a few days of safety, or Kayo’s safety alone. This guy is going to keep going, even if one or two kidnappings don’t go his way. As for the scene with Kayo finally giving Satoru the gloves she made for him… his reaction was perfect. Something definitely worth getting emotional over.

“A hideout a stranger enters in the middle of the night is a bad one.” – The truth.

Satoru’s mom is seriously the best character going. He better not let her get killed so easily! It’s kind of sad that we think helping your child when they’re in trouble instead of chewing them out is good parenting, when it should just be parenting. She even knew that he would be bringing friends back (and definitely Kayo). She even bought pajamas beforehand. In any case, 100 points to team mom.

The entire sleep-over event (a theme this week) was almost painfully cute. Satoru has fallen for Kayo pretty hard, and why not? Even getting all flustered when she’s in the bath at his house.  To be able to go back to your childhood and live through such honest emotions again must be pretty powerful. He might be 29 on the inside, but that’s definitely adding to his understanding of how much of a good thing this is. Don’t lie to yourself – you cried when Kayo saw her perfect breakfast and remembered back to what her home has always been in comparison. Changing even one person’s life for the better is a noble pursuit, and the payoff can be incredible.

It looks like we’re getting another confrontation between the Fujinuma family and Hinazuki’s mother. Perhaps Kayo’s safety is actually getting close to being secured? I suspect there will be some definite dark turns in the episodes to come – but that’s what so great about this show. The ups and downs, and the suspense really gets to you. This episode was a total upper, with little conflict and happy times. Don’t tear us down to hard from this point on, please.

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