Dragon Ball Super 32

This week on Dragon Ball Super, we travel from one place to another before we almost start the tournament for real! Who are all these fighters, and what are their stories? I’m sure there will be filler to explain!

Goku and Vegeta have been training hard for three days (years) in the hyperbolic time chamber once again. I was sure there was some time limit to how long you could be in there during your life. Oh well, details aren’t this show’s strong point. Also, don’t ask me what is either.

The whole gang piles on the Whis-bus with little hesitation to head to the fighting tournament of the ages on a distant unknown planet. And I mean the whole gang. Master Roshi is still up to his old habits, and for some reason Yamucha still hangs around. The whole King of the Galaxy bit was great. There have been so many super important beings that another one is really just a joke at this point. And the comedy was really shining this episode. Even if there were poop jokes, sorry Krillin.

As for Goku and Vegeta’s beards. Those are keepers, for sure. They look super badass like that. Just the edge this show has smoothed over with its glossy paint. Too bad they’re too disciplined to sport beards, apparently.

So forget the journey to the new planet (the majority of this episode), I want to see the new fighters! Monaka must be insanely- oh. It’s a stubby little guy with giant nipples. You heard me. What’s happening in this show!? What am I watching? He must have some interesting secret, that Piccolo appears to be thinking about, but it better be good.

The fighters from the other universe are something else though. Featuring the two obviously ridiculous giant yellow teddy bear and a tea-pot, as well as some familiar-ish looking faces. Is that an alternate Cooler sitting over there, in close proximity to alternate Frieza? That’s an interesting pair, but how about the young Saiyan! We got a little bit of his people’s history, but as for his abilities, they could be anywhere along the spectrum we’ve seen from Goku and Co. for years – or beyond! This should turn out to be a pretty interesting tournament after all, following the lesser fights.

Buu just isn’t cut out for taking orders after all. Although why they needed to take a test in the first place was an odd choice – apparently Vegeta’s too. We’ve seen Buu fight a lot though, so its fine that he’s out of it. I’m also glad they set it up to be some giant Olympic-like opening ceremony, and it was so short! There might be even a little bit of self-awareness hidden within that slashed budget.

It looks like they might actually start fighting next week! I can’t imagine how they would prolong this any further, but really anything could happen.

Thoughts from J-san:

“Did you ever imagine, as a kid watching Toonami, that this would ever come to be like this? It’s so colorful… ,” he said with an air of disdain.

“The funniest episode in a while at least.”


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