Dimension W 07

It’s time for some Kyouma backstory! In one day, everything dear to him was lost.

This time we got a changed dimension W speech from Yurizaki Shidou about the infinite possibilities beyond energy extraction. I think 7 episodes in would have been a bit of a stretch to keep telling us what dimension W is and not be a little patronizing.

And now, unfortunately, we know who Miyabi is. The girl trapped behind the trailer, attempting to photograph a cat. It’s that old philosophy of opposites attracting. Kyouma was clearly a rough and somewhat dangerous person, to the point of being surprised when Miyabi is not afraid of him. She on the other hand was trying to take pictures of cats. Her voice and mannerisms did definitely remind me a lot of Mira – and I think Kyouma of the present probably feels a similar connection. It’s like what could have been if the procedure was a success. For all we know, there could be an insane twist in that the good Dr. Yurizaki finally succeeded, but what we see from her missing head seems quite grim. They must of assumed some, or great, risk when opting for this kind of procedure. Kyouma’s luck just didn’t pan out on that fateful day.

Apparently the president of New Tesla is Steve Jobs? And it seems Prince Salva has stumbled upon evidence that people absorbed in to dimension W might still be there – as we saw a few episodes previous with the split reality ghosts.

The gathering of Collectors looked like quite a gang. Elizabeth and Loser were there in their disguises, as well as a few new faces. The goal? To collect the coil that works in the ‘nothingness’ caused by the previous disaster. Now if that doesn’t sound hilariously dangerous to the collectors, and the fate of the world, I don’t know what would. That’s kind of what they live for though. And why did Kyouma not go with the others? He wanted to bring his car. What a dude.

Did Albert say that Mira will stop working in the nothingness? Well that’s a bit of a problem. Why did you even bring her along? As we get a good look at Easter Island and the devastation apparent there, Prince Salva¬†says ‘it really is the pinnacle of man-made disaster’. I’m pretty sure a modern nuclear weapon would vaporize that island and leave no trace – which has likely been done before in tests. I suppose this is just a much stranger occurrence than a practical bomb, and an accident after all.

I’d like to quote Loser on his much more appropriate and informative description of dimension W:

“The world has an infinite number of possibilities. However, only one is ever realized. The possibilities that do not happen are folded into layers in Dimension W and changed to energy.” – Loser

Coils go wild when those possibilities materialize.

I can’t be sure what happened there with the dark sphere on the ship’s bridge. It seemed to have a will as Salva said. Perhaps dimension W isn’t so happy with humanity – and I’m sure we can all understand why.

Next time: “The Island That Fell Into Nothingness”

Dimension W - 07 - Next-time


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