Boku dake ga Inai Machi 07

It can’t end here. Time to go back to the past! Getting a definite Steins;Gate vibe, and that’s good company to keep.

Kenya is quite the eagle-eyed observer. It’s almost too convenient for Satoru that his childhood friend would prove to be so mature and useful. I can’t help but believe there’s something going on with him. The supposed lent book, The Switched Man, doesn’t seem to be a real-life creation of Poe’s. If it were just a title that Kenya made up, he’s pretty damn good at hitting dramatic irony on the nose. (*cough* Satoru is a switched man…) Kenya hits it again later a little bit more clearly, in that he thinks another personality has been added.

The meet-up with Yuuki to determine an alibi was certainly freaky. The writers must love to build those false flags – the x-acto knife, the response to hearing Kayo’s name, the sweat and fear. You’re just set up to think he’s going to stab Satoru right there! Damn you, writers.

It was interesting to note some of the changes that were occurring with the timeline for every change Satoru and Co. instituted. He did have to remind himself to be more careful with large changes and how they could effect the timeline. Even though he’s going for a massive change in catching a killer and saving lives, even small things could change his ability to predict what will happen to the point that his future knowledge becomes useless.

Deflating Yuuki’s tires and throwing a rock through the window was kind of clever, but could also have unintended consequences in the future psychologically. The police do make a pretty good alibi. But what the hell was Satoru thinking when he was about to push Kayo’s mom down a flight of stairs? Good think Kenya was there, although creeping, to make sure Satoru didn’t go too far. It might have guaranteed Kayo’s safety, or it could have saddled her with the also-abusive boyfriend – now emotionally distraught and stuck with a kid that isn’t his. So many things to think about when messing with time.

As for abducting Kayo herself, it’s a good start. Keeping her away from the house where she’s constantly beaten and left in a shed avoids at least the single direct cause of the murder the previous time around. Satoru is kind of missing any bigger picture here though. This killer seems to be quite determined to get to his targets. They improvised when the circumstances were different the previous time, I doubt they’ve lost that capability.

Satoru for some reason couldn’t see the problem with leaving her unprotected out in a remote location. If anybody had been following, she would be ripe for the picking as soon as her friends leave. And of course, that happens. If this was Satoru’s final revival, he better act fast.

I do have a thought about Satoru’s plan, and it’s not too much of a stretch. Being out in a remote place like that has its advantages. When Satoru and Co. leave Kayo there for the night by herself, it could be as bait. Would he go that far? Satoru did say in the opening that it didn’t have to be graceful, it just has to work. If he could understand that the killer is actively tailing Kayo, he has the upper hand in knowing that. Otherwise, we’ve got another dead Hinazuki to add to the time-loop death list.

General thoughts:
– Kayo is going to have a much better life if she survives. Look at all her new friends!
– Kenya sure is stylish for his age. I guess he’s supposed to be the rich kid, so there’s that.
– When they showed Satoru and Kayo asleep together, I was expecting a much more cuddly affair. Damn you previous anime tropes!


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