Dimension W 06

This week pushed through a lot of interesting character development in preparation for a new and exciting battle arc. Apparently they didn’t think we’ve heard the dimension W explanation enough times yet either.

This prince guy didn’t even get as good a reception as Aaron Bleyaert did in Korea. Why is he so high and mighty? I was getting creepy vibes from the moment he started dissing his fans that he has know way to judge their honesty, and then he can just paralyze his assistant with some kind of passion-inducing magic.

Mira’s examination shed no further light on her reason for existence – but Mary had a good point. Nobody is born for a reason, unless you’re a tool. It was reassuring to see someone view Mira as more than just a robot.

Kyouma on the other hand seems to have a definite purpose. That would be attracting people he finds troublesome and annoying to his immediate surroundings no matter where he goes. “Loo” would totally be me in Japan though – and with all of the great scenery in this episode, who wouldn’t be in full tourist mode? He manages to hit several clichés in his short escapades, that’s for sure. Clearly at this point, with the fish catching incident, he has to be a robot. Even Kyouma is making connections between Loo and Mira.

A visit to a clothing store for a new ‘happi’ coat introduces us to Kyouma’s twin sister! They really set us up with the bait and switch there with how she was acting towards him for a moment. Loo get’s scooped up by his benefactors, and Kyouma really shows his kind side off. Perhaps he’s been learning from his time with Mira? He clarrified after Loo’s exit that Loo at least has an artificial body. We did get a news brief in the background earlier in the episode about bodies being up to 60% artificial. Talk about timely! Wait, did that robot transform in to a beer keg and fly off?

Big sister-mode turns on full force when Mira arrives! From “isn’t she a nice girl” to “what’s your relationship” without a breath between. She got Mira a cute yukata though, so all is well. Nice fireworks, but what’s with Loo and his sudden turn to the dark side!?

Finally, a return to Loser – and he’s already collected everything that he needs minus one ‘numbers’. Well, that skips a lot of filler, I suppose. I have heard that the show is really speeding through the source material. His daughter looks familiar, doesn’t she? He is quite afraid of the ‘beasts of Grendel’ as well it seems. Can’t wait to see them all fight it out again soon.

So we’re getting a competition of sorts between the collectors? They had to destroy Mary’s cool bodyguard just to find candidates apparently. I guess it’s off to Easter Island, the site of Kyouma’s dark past from what we can tell. Now who’s this?

Here’s what you really wanted though.

Full size here.

Next time: “The Voice Calling from the Past”

Dimension W - 06 -next-time

(Side note: I take too many screenshots for this show…)


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