Dragon Ball Super 31

A Jaco and Bulma episode! The duo finds themselves with all the answers in the universe at their fingertips, and screws it up just as every other person in that situation ever has. You better believe he asks about her bust size.

Not much really happened in this episode again. There was the character building with Jaco, having to deal with his responsibilities and failures, but almost nothing to do with the main plot. They went to see this giant Zuno-sama guy who told them essentially all we know already about the normal dragon balls also applies to the super variety. It wasn’t quite clear that there seems to be only one set split between the sixth and seventh universe. In that case, there’s only one left to look for!

The flashback to Bulma’s past was nice and cute. The filter they put on it made it look a lot like classic Dragon Ball. They really should just have the whole show like that. Jaco seems to have not aged at all – so why, Jaco, must you make fun of Bulma’s age when you’re clearly super old yourself? It was also a little strange to find out that Bulma was in the running to be a member of the Galactic Patrol like Jaco, until she met Vegeta and had a child. That’s the message we definitely want to be sending. Hey girls, follow your dreams until a cool strong man shows up and you have a child, then settle with that for the rest of your life! Hopefully she breaks from that weird message and continues to be an important individual in this show.

Although this was a rather Jaco and Bulma-centric episode, the side comedy with Goku, Piccolo, and Vegeta was really on point. Piccolo finally understands why the Saiyans pick the kind of women they do! Really, it took you that long realize? Goku continued to act like an excited child, despite his obvious maturity throughout Dragon Ball Z. That kind of bothers me a little.

Well, with nothing of much real consequence occurring this week, we look to next time! It seems the tournament will start (bullshit probably), and we have an interesting new cast of characters appearing. Is that the old Kai there, with what might be Kai of another universe? This could get interesting after all!

Thoughts from J-san:

“If they were to make a Dragon Ball Super Kai, this episode would not make the cut.”


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