HaruChika 06

Dramatic clarinet-holding girl makes her appearance in an episode filled with musical melancholy and a surprising amount of levity. What club would you join at this school?

I feel quite the connection to Serizawa Naoka’s sentiments off the top of this episode. The arts are a real possibility that should be considered in every child’s growing years. Music is a difficult road though. Good thing all of the people in this show (except maybe Chika) are already pros! They just sound too good to be true. I can imagine it would be tough for a music producer to ask their musicians recording these scenes to ‘play down’ a little, but hey, I’m overly observant in this category sometimes.

I’ve never really had to recruit for clubs – I guess I was always the one being recruited? But was the drama club guy really running around naked with a little loin cloth this whole time!? I thought he was at least wearing a tight body suit. So the hunt for more members continues, and they just seem to appear out of thin air when most required. The mystery of this episode begins with an image of an intruder in the music room, and then a missing clarinet. Good thing the culprit likes to improvise along with the rest of the group! Their cross-school musical moment was so well executed that I totally didn’t even care about its practicality.

I will admit that I have played the clarinet, even professionally, for quite a few years, and I still take it to a repair pro to get it fixed. In fact, I don’t really buy the whole angle of taking the clarinet and fixing it in order to endear herself and ask a favor. She could have just been upfront, or asked the teacher! What I can understand is that she was embarrassed about her hearing condition. That’s why it was so great to see Chika help her through the ordeal with those cups and string! Despite her occasional attitude swings, Chika is a great friend with some good ideas. I can’t believe that Haru actually believed that Chika would say what he asked her too. The default in that situation is to make up something funny!


The mystery is a little less important in this episode, as the gang finds her (broken) hearing aid with ease. Even Chika figured out quite quickly what Serizawa’s condition was. Now as for why she won’t join the band – I’d probably use the word elitist, but I can also understand the frustration of playing with a group that’s not yet ready. Should they go for A division, or be more reasonable with downgrading to B division?  Well they would be a lot closer to A if Serizawa and her mysterious percussion friend would join! He’s in the opening though, drumming on his book bag next to Haru, so of course he’ll be a part of it somewhere down the line.

As for thoughts on the episode as a whole, I think it did pretty well. It’s pacing was good and mostly character driven, and didn’t need big twist reveals to keep it interesting. Serizawa’s condition and interactions with the gang could be really interesting in the future, as long as they don’t just keep brushing aside the character of the week! And how is it going on the Haru/Chika/Kusakabe-sensei triangle? The sensei angle seems to be rather background, but Haru and Chika’s conversations are always a treat! Can’t wait to see what they get up to next time. Another character of the week with a personal mystery to be exposed can’t be far away.

Next time on HaruChika!





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